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Dress The Carolina Herrera Way This Summer

Packed with graphic florals and exquisite basketry, this collection is a sure summer must-have.

Inspired by the grand Super Bloom in California, a rare desert season where botanical wildflowers germinate and blossom at the same time, Carolina Herrera brings an array of groundbreaking florals for Spring/Summer. The luxury brand never misses its iconic floral motifs side-by-side with its vibrant graphics. What screams more Carolina Herrera than a crisp white button down to complete the look? 

For this season, CH brings relaxed silhouettes but the same boldness in each piece. Garments are made to stand out in its  lightness and the fluidity of color. Each collection sings its own poem, a slew of clothes created for each woman to dance in.

Also starring this season is the Aveiro bag. Inspired by Carolina Herrera’s travels in Portugal, the Aveiro bag is an elevated form of traditional basketry and constructed with the CH signature. The basket is a hand loom and reed dyed with all of the finest and natural pigments. The Aveiro bag is increasingly limited and is sold exclusively at CH stores including our very own at the Greenbelt Mall.

Get the latest on these coveted summer pieces. Don't miss out on the best florals you can sport this season! Better to be dressed up in an uplifting Carolina Herrera dress to lift up the spirits!

Photos from Carolina Herrera