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Fashion Experts Share How You Can (Still) Look Classy While Wearing ‘Dad Sneakers’

Fashion trends come and go—and then come back again. Remember when we used to laugh at fanny packs, cringe at shoulder pads, and even flinch at track pants (hello there, athleisure wear)? Well, thanks to the gods of fashion reinvention, these old-school trends have been resurrected—in chicer, more stylish forms.

Cue in the ‘dad sneakers’. Also known as ‘the ugly sneakers’, these ‘90s favorites are back in style, with luxury labels like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Gucci on board. Look around and you’ll see them everywhere: from the runway to the streets, and most likely on your dad’s shoe rack, too. 

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But what are ‘dad sneakers’, exactly? According to Metro Magazine fashion editor Randz Manucom, ‘dad sneakers’ take inspiration from basketball shoes. They have chunky soles and bulky silhouettes, and are commonly worn by dads because of their extreme comfort. And although these trainers were frowned upon before (let’s be honest: they don’t look conventionally chic, do they?), they’ve completely morphed into a luxe, high fashion piece—all the major fashion houses have their own take on this trend!





Want to get on board this look, stat? We interviewed four fashion experts on how women can pull this look off, while still looking classy. Keep scrolling!


Randz Manucom

Fashion editor, Metro Magazine

“If you have an excuse to wear sneakers anywhere, they better be a pair of luxe dad sneaks. You have to invest in good ones: I highly recommend the Balenciaga Triple S or the Louis Vuitton Archlight. They go with anything—matching suits, sporty outfits, and of course, streetwear. A go-to look is to pair them with a simple slip dress. But never pair them with cocktail dresses or formal wear, that’s pushing it.”


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Kate Paras-Santiago

Fashion and beauty editor, Metro.Style

“When getting a pair, choose a neutral color—nothing too “color blocky”, so that it will suit a lot of outfits. Para masulit mo siya because it’s a really trendy piece.”



Bang Pineda

Fashion designer and celebrity stylist

“I’m a ‘90s kid, and that’s why I like this trend! Androgynous looks are very popular now. Women can wear these with oversized shirts and short shorts, add socks or stockings for a twist. For a cute night look, wear them with an oversized coat.”



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Camille Co

Fashion designer and blogger

“I love ‘ugly sneakers’! They are very versatile. My boyfriend used to hate them, but now he’s seen the light. I wear my ‘ugly sneakers’ with tita outfits like a loose midi dress. You can even wear them with a spaghetti strap dress and just put a loose blazer on top. If you’re working in an environment where you can wear casual outfits, it’s still something that’s very business casual.”



To get you started with the trend, here are our top picks:


1. Balenciaga Triple S


Triple S DSM Special. Available exclusively at Dover Street Market on November 30th.

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2. Stella McCartney Eclypse

3. Skechers D'Lites


4. Fila Disruptor


5.Louis Vuitton Archlight


Weekend vibes ?? #louisvuittonarchlight Anzeige / Markennennung

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6. Nike M2K Tekno



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1—Hailey Baldwin, photo from @haileybaldwin, 2—Bella Hadid, photo from @bellahadid, 3—Laureen Uy, photo from @laureenmiy, 4—Nadine Lustre, photo from @nadine, 5—Megan Young, photo from @meganbata, 6—Pia Wurtzbach, @piawurtzbach, 7—Gigi Hadid, photo from @gigihadid, 8—Kim Jones, photo from @kimcamjones, 9—Janna Tee, photo from @jannatee