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Fashion Trends To Copy From Your Favorite K-Drama Actresses

Aside from great acting, a well-written script, and palpable chemistry, another element in the making of K-Dramas  are the characters’ impeccable style. When it comes to fashion, these actresses always make the simplest outfits pop, bringing each character to life and adding an irresistible charm to the leads. 

So let’s take a look at how we can get inspiration from their outfits, and pick up some of the hottest trends.


Long coats


It is very well-known that Jun Ji Hyun is outrageously stunning, which is why it is absolutely necessary that when it comes to fashion, her clothes have to be on the same level as her beauty. Here she is in a variety of stylish, long coats in The Legend of the Blue Sea. Definitely a great piece to invest in, because a high-quality coat would last you for years and years to come.


Glam Dresses


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Befitting her role as a goddess disguised as a top actress in the real world, Bride of the Water God lead actress Krystal stole every scene with her ultra-glamorous looks, complete with trendy accessories, glamorous hair and flawless makeup for the drama.


Designer outfits


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Han Ye Seul is glamorous in every way for K-Drama 20th Century Boy and Girl. Her looks are a combination of high street style and designer outfits, which aren’t too over the top.


Lovely coats


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In Goblin, Yoo In Na, who’s a queen in her previous life, is an outrageous, straightforward woman who wears lovely coats and stunning winter outfits.



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