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Weather Any Weather In These Fashionable But Extremely Durable Jackets

Summer is still at its peak, but rainshowers are starting to make their way into our remaining summer days. With these extreme weather conditions upon us, how can one keep fashionable and dry at the same time?

Jackets make for a good accent to any outfit, and is nice to carry around just in case the weather decides to get surprisingly cranky. They are also must-takes to yachting and boating trips, and overseas travels, to protect against the harsh weather conditions.

Italian-bred smart casual, sportswear and leisurewear label Paul & Shark let us in on their upcoming Spring/Summer '18 collection, and among their various new offerings are two standout jackets that should be staples in any man's wardrobe: The #SharkHub1 Sailor Jacket and the Typhoon Jacket.

Headlining Paul & Shark's S/S '18 collection is the #SharkHub1 Sailor Jacket, a dyed and paint-coated piece that is perfect for the adventurous spirit. Planning to bring out your good ol' trusty yacht for a ride or preparing for a particularly stormy day? Take the #SharkHub1 Sailor Jacket with you to stay stylish, comfortable, and completely dry since it is wind and waterproof.


#SharkHub1 Sailor Jacket over a tee with the new Fin Shark logo


And don't you just love the extra flair of that shiny finish, too?

Another must-have for the men-on-the-go is the Typhoon Jacket, another wind and waterproof piece that you should definitely take to your travels and adventures. This jacket is the perfect companion for aggressive travelers who wish to stay comfortable and dry during their trip, without sacrificing their style.

Paul & Shark Regional Managing Director Raymond De Malherbe says that the Typhoon Jacket is one of his favorite pieces, especially when he goes back home to France. He said, “The Typhoon Jacket is one of the staples of Paul & Shark collections. They are nice looking jackets, but they are completely waterproof. Looks very nice, fashionable, but it can resist 20 meters of water falling on 1”


Typhoon Jacket


Raymond also let us in on a neat tidbit about the quality of Paul & Shark jackets, and revealed that the label actually supplies the jackets of the Italian Navy. “To win a contract, you have to answer to standards that are high, because the Italian Navy is active in the Mediterranean Sea. Obviously, they have to come up with products that are going to be accepted by sailors, and that's one of the reasons why they're so advance,” he said.

Apart from the two jackets, the new Paul & Shark collections include polo shirts and tees that don new and minimalist logos of the brand. For the fans of their knitwear, there are also new customizable options for their shirts, where you can change the badge on the shirt depending on your mood. The badges attach via high-quality Velcro for easy peel and stick.

Paul & Shark shirt with interchangeable badges


Excited for their new collection yet? Visit Paul & Shark retail stores at Shangri-La Plaza Mall and The Shops at The Boulevard inside City of Dreams.