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Five Things You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Kids Shoes

When it comes to shoe shopping for kids, getting the right piece can be quite tricky. Practicality and comfort are prime considerations, especially since ill-fitting shoes can cause problems. And if you want to match footwear with the outfits, then you have to pick versatile pieces that can be worn without much fuss. As a new mom of a toddler, here are some tips that have helped me in finding the perfect piece.

Think of the lifestyle. What are the activities will they engage in? Will it mostly be trekking outdoors, playing in the lawn, or running around your wooden floors? Pick the appropriate shape—from slip ons to sandals and more. Special occasions also call for dress shoes, while you can pick casual booties or uniform shoes for everyday. For your little men, you can pick oxfords, loafers, and boots in earth tones and neutral colors; or opt for ones with accents of blue, red, or white



Leave some allowance for growing feet. Did you know that children’s feet grow in spurts, so much so that some actually have to replace shoes every 3-4 months? While not all feet are made the same, you have to pay close attention to the dimensions of the shoe—from the width (often D for boys, E for girls) to the length, making sure there is some allowance in the insole. Check the depth to avoid having the shoe upper press on the toe nails, that could be quite uncomfortable for them.



Safeguard comfort through the little details. Children’s feet tend to perspire so the shoe must allow the foot to breathe. Traction is also important so check the outersole for  texture depending on the terrain. Consider cushioned insoles also for the little ones especially when they’re just learning how to walk



Go for quality. The materials and build matter especially since shoes have bearing on the growth of your kid’s feet. Plus, having the right pair prevents accidents that involve stability and balance, ensuring they can run around as much as they want.

Add a dose of style. A brand valued and respected over the world, Florsheim Kids delivers high quality footwear that have premium workmanship without sacrificing style. And that’s what we noticed with their collection, which introduces a variety of silhouettes, including well-crafted slip-ons and doll shoes for the little girls. We all want the best pairs for our kid’s OOTDs, so having a selection of chic pieces available certainly gives us less to think about.


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