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7 Tried-And-Tested Ways To Perfect That Mirror Selfie While Stuck At Home

This look definitely deserves to be posted!

For fashion girls that gravitate towards finding simple joys in dressing up, trust that mirror selfies are more than enough to capture that bliss! Mirror selfies serve a greater purpose these days especially during deafening times of isolation. It shows you give a damn about how you look even at home, you take your time to experiment on looks, and it even serves as a virtual "hello". If you have ever gotten a text these days from friends that are asking how you’ve been, send them a mirror selfie to assure them you are doing okay or you're in need of a quick Zoom conversation—'cause this look needs to be seen.

Photo from @barbarakristoffersen

Knowing how to take a mirror selfie is basic knowledge but if you’re up for taking it a little bit further, check out these A+ poses you can recreate!

Power Stance

Photo from @matildadjerf

The most basic and foolproof mirror selfie pose has got to be the power stance. It shows your entire outfit in full frontal minus other gimmicks. Perfect for those casual wear and the type of mirror selfies you take that says “Yes, I am doing okay, stay at home to flatten the curve xx”

The For-The-Babe

Photo from @iziangus

About to go live for bae on Zoom? Or in the mood to prance around your house in a day dress? Take a mirror selfie to capture your most femme self. Tilt your posture and put your arms over the deepest point of your waist to show off your glowing décolletage and booming curves. 

The Close Up

Photo from @k.els.e.y

For fashion girls who thrive on seeing accessories come to life, perfect this close up mirror selfie. The secret to a picturesque outfit close up mirror selfie is focus! Emphasize each detail on your outfit from your necklaces, earrings, rings, and etc. under muted lighting. 

Like A Lady

Photo from @bellahadid

Ready to switch it up? Plop down an ottoman in front of your mirror and pose with crossed legs like Bella. 

Like A Lady 2.0

Photo from @barbarakristoffersen

And if you’re the type to take 40+ selfies in order to find the perfect photo, keep your poses interesting. Make use of your props a.k.a your mirror and ottoman to take a variety of poses. 

Stylish Tomboy

Photo from @barbarakristoffersen

For times when you feel extra comfy and laid back, take a few mirror selfies while you're sitting on the floor. This pose best features your most recent sneaker acquisition. And since you can't take your shoes elsewhere, make sure they get some love every now and then!

Portrait Of A Selfie

If you can manage to lure your sister or your mom to take a photo of you then make the most out of it! Pose in front of the mirror like Kendall and let your plus one take a photo of you in action. Living in a condo by yourself? Make shift a tripod or a stack of books in a shelf! Best believe that after this article, you’ll be able make use of everything within reach to achieve that heart worthy mirror selfie.