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This Online Shopping Site Answers The Shopper’s Forever Problem: Actual Pics, Please!

Admit it. You’ve spent many an hour browsing through e-commerce platforms like Lazada, first looking for one specific item, and then leaving with ten other stuff on your shopping cart.

And when it comes to shopping for clothes, there’s that perennial problem of wanting to see if the item really looks like what it does on the photo. Since you can’t touch the fabric or try it on like in most brick-and-mortar stores, when online shopping, you’re left at the mercy of reviews and photos. And most of the time, the photo being advertised isn’t exactly what the product looks like.

But Lazada says they’re changing all that.

Since Lazada entered the Philippine market, it has transformed how we do shopping. Whether you’re in the metro or in some of the most far-flung places in the country, you’re sure that your delivery will get to your doorstep, thanks to Lazada’s strong penetration in logistics in the country.

“The penetration of the Lazada logistics is really second to none in this country. I will say that our main strength is that we are 80 percent of the overall logistics footprint in the Philippines. We have warehouses in Cebu and Davao, and over 50 logistics hubs in the whole archipelago,” says Jason Huan, Lazada Philippines Chief Marketing Officer.

And now, they’re upping the ante by introducing the solution to your online shopping woes: the “see-now-buy-now” feature, a first in the whole of Southeast Asia.


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See it, buy it, done

The “see-now-buy-now” feature was launched last May 17-19 as Lazada kicked off its first ever three-day Women’s Festival. Lazada mounted a fashion show showcasing more than 100 brands inside the Lazada ecosystem, with the country’s influencers and power women strutting down the runway to showcase how Lazada’s items are for everyone.

Ces Drilon


Ariella Arida


But what’s different about this fashion show is that guests and customers can also watch the fashion show live on their apps. And on the app, customers can already buy on the spot the items that they will see the models wearing on the runway. One click and you’ll be able to collect vouchers, add the items to cart, and you’re done!


This kind of technology is what addresses the problem of not being able to really see what you’re buying. With this, customers can see exactly how the clothes fit a person, how long for example the length of the dress they’re buying, how stiff or flowy the material is, and how big or small the bag is when worn. Alongside the real-time, real-life products, there is a live chat underneath the stream so you’ll be able to see how others are reacting to an item or the model’s look.

The Women’s Festival fashion show is just the start of this amazing new technology that Lazada is rolling out in the whole of Southeast Asia. In fact, expect men’s and kids collections, cooking shows, make-up tutorial, and different kinds of content coming out the Lazada livestream.

“We’re really trying to get our customers to engage with us as a brand, and not just to buy. The next few rollouts are going to be interesting. You’re gonna see much more varied content. We’re not trying to sell you something everyday. We’re trying to make sure that as a brand, we are relevant to you and your daily lives,” says Jason.


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The whole Lazada livestream is just a part of Lazada’s bigger shopertainment initiative, merging together shopping and entertainment.

“Content is king and the way we want to engage with our customers is going to change. The empowerment that Lazada has set is not just for the brands and sellers, but also for the customers. We’re changing the way people shop. We are further equipping our sellers to do their own livestreams so soon, we will switch on the channel and you can follow the sellers you are most interested in,” shares Jason.

Right now, already in place are different Laz Games where customers can play for cupcakes, which can in turn be used as discounts for items. There is also a Scanner feature where you can take a photo of an item and Lazada will look it up on the LazMall for you.

LazGames' newest addition, Shop & Match


Collect vouchers


“In terms of where Filipinos are, it’s really an era of excitement and cultural welcomeness. The way that you’re vibrant in your culture, you’re also more of embracing new innovation, technology, fashion styles, and more absorbent. Like a sponge, Filipinos are trying to get influences outside the market. Because of the vast size of the market, there’s so much more that we can do.”


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That’s why Jason emphasizes that customers should stay tuned to Lazada in the next months as they continue to reveal one big thing after another, all trying to revolutionize the culture of online shopping.


So, are you ready to fire up your Lazada app now?