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This New It Bag Collection Is Inspired By The Woman Who Loves To Travel

French luxury brand Longchamp lets us in on their coveted new Fall/Winter 2019 look

While 1993 was the watershed year that French leather luxury goods brand Longchamp unveiled their La Pliage; it’s not like they’ve been sitting on their laurels. The nylon foldable bag might still be the most durable of lines that Longchamp has come up with, but they’re on the constant hunt to modernize, upgrade, and keep relevant, the brand. Just last year, as Kendall Jenner was made Brand Ambassador, street American designer Shayne Oliver came up with a capsule collection that was bold, brash, and graffiti-inspired, and there was a pop up event celebrating the collection.

Longchamp Le Pliage

For Fall/Winter 2019-2020, Creative Director Sophie dela Fontaine took inspiration from the Paris - New York connection, and finding the hip, rock ‘n roll traveling woman to be her muse. The La Voyageuse is the centerpiece of this season’s collection, with the apparel, shoes, accessories and bags all stemming from this central concept of the female voyager.

La Voyageuse

In the case of the handbags and accessories lines, dela Fontaine takes the portable vanity cases, that trusty companion for traveling; and creates a unique silhouette that then plays with a variety of colors and even a rich diversity of fabrics and materials. The result is a La Voyageuse collection that speaks volumes of being both stylish and practical.

There’s Croc-printed leather, to Leopard-print Calf Hair, all the way to smooth Leather, Patent Leather, and Jacquard Fabric. No matter where your tastes or preferences would go, there’s a La Voyageuse that’s made for you. And besides the Signature handbag silhouette, there’s also a tote-size variant.

Other existing lines, such as the Cavalcade, are reintroduced with fresh earthy side colors that know how to add color to the season without being too showy or ill-timed. There’s are cool moss greens, and subtle burnt oranges that are combined with more somber Fall/Winter shades. It’s a balancing act successfully executed by Longchamp.


There’s very much the feeling that yes, it’s Fall/Winter; but that doesn’t mean we can’t add the spice of color, have fun, and celebrate the season. Longchamp has always been ahead in this sort of game, knowing that practical and functional, can still be all about style, grace, and that French mystique.