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Longchamp’s Monogram Reimagined In Its Fashion Campaign Starring Kendall Jenner

Every design is a statement; every piece you wear a reflection of your unique style perspective. And should you want to make statement that’s bold and memorable—Longchamp helps you say it with a little playful irreverence with its Longchamp LGP Collection.



The new collection reimagines the luxury label’s iconic monogram through a joyful jumble of letters. Interlocking, overlapping, and clearly breaking design rules, that graphic composition seems like a fitting nod to Bauhaus. It’s also been described as embodying pure, unadulterated Andy Warhol with its eye-popping effect. Delight in the bold palette of black, white, red and neon, all which build a fresh appeal.


Le Pliage LGP belt bag


Le Pliage LGP backpack



Within the collection, Longchamp introduces two more complementary lines—Le Pliage® LGP and Le Pliage® Cuir LGP, which aim to up your style game. Both lines are available in black and white with flashes of neon or red. And delighting fashion connoisseurs further, Longchamp introduces a third colorway—a chic powder pink shade accented with black and white—that’s exclusive to Asia. 


Le Pliage LGP Small wheeled suitcase



Le Pliage LGP travel bag


Longchamp inspires you to carry over its contemporary style into your travel experience with monogrammed bags and luggage. Turn every airport runway into your own catwalk with Longchamp’s ultra-light wheeled cabin case in black with neon trim and other travel bags.


Ready-to-wear LGP raincoat


Ready-to-wear LGP sweatshirt


Stay stylish even on long layovers with soft shawls and stoles that go well with Longchamp’s ready-to-wear nylon puffer jackets and sweatshirts. From tip to toe, proudly and confidently wear the Longchamp signature.


Le Pliage LGP mules

Le Pliage LGP sneakers


Completing your ensemble, Longchamp’s slip-on sneakers and black leather slides come branded with the monogram incorporated into the design as embroidery or appliques.

With just nine letters, speak loud about your style and take to the streets with confidence.




Check out Longchamp’s complete collection here and watch Longchamp spokesmodel Kendall Jenner share how you can channel young, cosmopolitan style with picks from the newest collection.