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Matteo Guidicelli And Avel Bacudio Just Launched Their Newest Line Of Ripped Denim Pants

From being the heartthrob kart racer and a triathlete from Cebu to becoming one of the most sought-after actors in local showbiz to managing his own restaurant, Matteo Guidicelli just can't stop exploring his different passions. The Bagani star's newest venture, this time in the fashion realm, is done in collaboration with celebrity fashion designer and his good friend (whom he fondly calls "Pare"), Avel Bacudio.


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Avel x Matteo is a collection of limited edition ripped denim pants for men and women crafted according to the likes and style of the matinee star. As an athlete, Matteo particularly wanted this selection of jeans to be light and comfortable–perfect for when one needs to go on long walks or unexpected jog, or run around the city.

Apart from it being easy to wear, Matteo’s raw and edgy street-style sense has inspired Avel to come up with designs that are very hip and trendy. The pieces show just the right amount of skin, are made of stretchable and breathable premium fabric, and are easy to pair with any other clothing item.


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Matteo explained how their partnership came together, saying, “I approached Avel for the collaboration. I told him I was really eager to design a denim line with him. From the start, he understood my vision. That’s why we were able to come up with designs that are exactly how I wanted them to be: sexy yet wearable at the same time. I’m very happy with how the jeans turned out. They’re very 'me.'”

Ever since he was a teen, Matteo shared that he has always loved wearing ripped denim jeans. It was a staple in his closet back then up to this day. “I always would wear ripped jeans. A lot of people ask me, ‘bakit butas 'yung pants mo?’ otapos na 'yan, laos na 'yan.’ It’s something that I really love because they’re comfortable,” Matteo said.

Aside from promoting a stylish yet comfy way of sporting a ripped pair, part of the proceeds of the Avel x Matteo will go to a foundation for blind children in Baguio. Avel has been helping the foundation for a long time now and has inspired Matteo to do the same; this eventually led them to give a percentage of the sales from their newest denim line.

Avel x Matteo is available at the ABS-CBN pop up store until August 10, 2018. The collection is also available at and at



Photographs by Deiniel Cuvin