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This Local Brand Specializes In Utilitarian Bags That Are Perfect For Traveling

Photo from @_nomadictendencies


Traveling has become a norm, and yet it will never lose its magic. There are 195 countries in the world today that are waiting to be discovered, explored, and treasured. Ask people the top place on their travel bucket list, and they'll surely be hard-pressed to pinpoint one. The nomadic lifestyle has appealed to many, bitten by the travel bug—one that's simply too hard to resist. 

With everyone fascinated by traveling, the topic of packing efficiently always comes up. We've seen all those how-tos and instructional videos about making the most of your luggage's space, and they sure are helpful. But first and foremost, there are four factors that one must consider and remember when purchasing travel bags: 1) are they handy and lightweight?, 2) are they made of quality materials?, 3) are they designed well enough to hold your essentials in place?, and 4) are they timeless and versatile in style? 


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Photo from @_nomadictendencies


We all have our preferences when it comes to travel bags, but we've discovered this hip local brand whose quality travel goods would surely meet most travelers' requirements: Nomadic Tendencies. 

The brand name connotes love for traveling at its core, and reflects the owners' passion for wandering as well.

Nomadic Tendencies was established by a group of friends—Kitty and Carlo Bunag, Monik and RR Barretto, and Mia de Lara—back in 2017. The brand offers understatedly stylish backpacks, roll-top backpacks, totes, camera bags, nylon and canvas totes, and fanny packs primarily in neutral colors. The best thing about their products? Nothing is over P5,000! 

The bags have been available online via and stockists like Purveyr Post, Bratpack (Greenbelt 5), and Spindle Community Store. Recently, Nomadic Tendencies found a new home in Case Study Atelier.    


From left: Carlo and Kitty Bunag, Mia de Lara, and Monik and RR Barretto at the launch of Nomadic Tendencies in Case Study Atelier, BGC.


Photos from @_nomadictendencies


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Metro.Style chatted with Kitty Bunag about Nomadic Tendencies' designs and her must-visit places in her favorite tourist destination, Japan:


What prompted you and your friends to establish Nomadic Tendencies?

Everything started out as a need. We love bags. We love to travel. We had to have that perfect utility bag that will carry everything we need in a very stylish way as well. So, that's how we came up with our brand. Nomadic Tendencies—the tendencies of a nomad is not just for travel, it can be a daily thing, you just wanna get away, have coffee, it can be an alone time. It's relative.


What are the adjectives you associate with Nomadic Tendencies' designs?

They're androgynous, utilitarian, gender neutral, and Japanese-inspired. They're borderless, not just in terms of gender but also in terms of where you can take them.


Photo from @_nomadictendencies


What materials were used for the products?

Everything is nylon. We are specializing in nylon at the moment. Everything is waterproof. They are export qualities, particularly the zippers and the hardware. We call it an all-weather wear, even the white ones. 


What makes the brand's bags perfect for traveling?

We design our bags in such a way that everything you have, everything you value are organized. If I were to give a travel tip, I would like to say pack light, but that never happens. But because of the bags that we have now, it's possible. Our bags have a lot of compartments.


Nomadic Tendencies' bags are Japanese-inspired, and Japan is one of your favorite places. What are your top must-visit places there?

Our favorites would be Daikanyama in Tokyo. Karuizawa is a current favorite, it's in Nagano. Tokyo is a dream!


What should people look forward to from Nomadic Tendencies?

We're going to come out with new designs quarterly. We have a lot of olives and grays now, but we're going to go to blue and burgundy soon.


Photo from @_nomadictendencies


Photos from Nomadic Tendencies