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Tiny Bags With A Big Impact

Only women can understand the importance of having a different bag for every occasion: a daily tote for day-to-day essentials, a smart work bag that fits your Macbook air and your makeup, a chic gym bag, a weekender, a sling bag for girls' night out, an evening bag for a dinner date, and a classy clutch for a formal event. The list can go on and on but one thing remains true—we will never run out of excuses to buy new ones!

This season, teeny tiny bags have caught our attention, with stylish women all over the world carrying smaller-than-usual bags that seems to take them from work to play. While the pack rat in us may seem skeptic about how much these bags can really hold, we can't deny the fact that they do look pretty darn cool. Make sure to nab one this season, 'cause these little gems are guaranteed to pack a punch! These are the ones we love:





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Lead photo from Farfetch.