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This Bag Brand Goes Eco-Friendly With Its Newest Anti-Theft Bag Collection

The Pacsafe ECONYL collection is a sustainable wvay to travel in style

The eco movement is louder than ever, and sustainability is the buzzword in both the fashion and beauty industries. Paving its way into everyone’s lifestyles, anti-theft travel gear brand Pacsafe rides along the eco-conscious waves, helping save our planet, one travel bag at a time.

Suitcases To Get You There In Style, Part 2


Suitcases To Get You There In Style, Part 2

Introducing their new line of items that gives plastic waste a second life, Pacsafe’s ECONYL collection features the well-loved and bestselling styles from the brand utilized from recycled waste.

From the award-winning Venturesafe EXP45 to the Metrosafe LS350, traveling with any of the six core pieces from the range ensures a stylish and safe sojourn. Not to mention eco-friendly, whether you prefer to go on a road trip with a backpack or scour foreign streets in a sling or a crossbody bag.

Pacsafe Daysafe ECONYL anti-theft Tech crossbody bag
Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 ECONYL anti-theft carry-on travel pack
Pacsafe Vibe 25L ECONYL anti-theft backpack

With the company’s commitment to removing virgin plastic from all new products in 2025, the ECONYL line uses regenerated fabric made from fishing nets and other discarded nylon. The yarn produced from the regeneration process performs like its brand new counterpartsdurable and long-lasting. The material can also be rewoven without losing its high-performing qualities, making it an ideal choice for reuse. The best part? Less plastic waste equals less trash thrown in our seassaving not only our bodies of water, but also its rich marine life.

Find the ECONYL collection in a Pacsafe store near you!