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What Is The 'Pillow Challenge' And Why Do We Find Ourselves Doing It?

Just when we thought we have seen everything ...there's the only just a pillow and a belt to keep you questioning things

It's true that fashion is about breaking rules and during this quarantine, we're officially ruling out clothes to switch into wearing bed couture. The Pillow Challenge all over Instagram and Tiktok proves that creativity has no bounds, we're slipping into everything within reach. Our fashion girls are calling it a day with only a large pillow and a belt onβ€”it's that simple! 

Pillow Challenge Photo from @stylebynelli

This "mini dress" ensemble is literally redefining what it means when we say "business in the front, party in the back!" Yes, you may be fully covered in the front but you might have to pose for the 'gram in full commando. This challenge among all other viral gimmicks on social media truly stood out. It shows the quirky fashion side in us even though we're locked up in our own homes for over a month now. It's silly and sexy all at the same time! While it may initially seem ridiculous (like whoever thought of it, right?), who's taking anyone too seriously these days? We need all the little pockets of relief we can get. 

If you're tempted to try the pillow challenge out, you might want to learn some key points from the best posts we've seen so far. And if you want to take it further, might as well make a Tiktok video out of it!


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