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We Asked Top Fashion Girls On What Their First Post-Quarantine Looks Be

From style to protection, hear it straight from the style stars themselves!

As we gear towards the nearing post-quarantine season,  it's about time to talk about how our situation what it will be like to dress up. We touched base with fashion girls Vern Enciso, Janeena Chan, Ira Denise Oyco, Lissa Kahayon, and Patricia Prieto in the hopes of decoding their first post-quarantine looks in mind. From go-to ensembles, accessories/clothes that double as protective gear, to easy tips on how to disinfect and protect your fashion pieces, we've got it all covered here!

Photo from @vernenciso and @iradeniseoyco

Regardless of whatever it is they plan to wear, our favorite fashion girls emphasized safety and functionality. Masks and make-shift protective gears such as eyeglasses, hats, or clothes that cover your entire body are of utmost importance. Find out what they have in mind for their first post-quarantine looks! Do take note on style hacks and tips you want to try out into your own routine. 

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Vern Enciso


One-half of a style-sister duo, Vern Enciso is more than thrilled for the end of the quarantine. She says that the first place she will go to is the airport to immediately score a flight on her way home. With airport fashion in mind, Vern tells us that “I’ll probably wear a protective gear and accessorize it wisely. I plan on having one go-to shoe to make it easier for me to disinfect like my Chanel trainers perhaps? It's made out of rubber and a net kind of material so it's safe to be washed or cleaned every now and then." Vern proves that you can always strike a balance between style, comfort, and safety!

Janeena Chan


Host and content creator, Janeena Chan is all about dressing up and putting her own style twist into her post-quarantine look whilst still conforming with our situation. “I’d pair any cute outfit I’m in the mood for with a face mask to match!” Janeena has learned so much during the quarantine and one of these things is to take things lightly. “I want to appreciate and live every single moment fully and meaningfully, whatever it is that keeps you going, you do you as long as you’re happy and not hurting anyone.” We completely agree! If dressing up is something that cheers you up and it's something that keeps you going then there’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself through clothes. 

Ira Denise Oyco


Designer and Entrepreneur, Ira Denise Oyco is all for comfort and style. She pioneered a brand called Rhipe’s Clothing that brings forth basics for every fashion girl to try. As she gears towards going outside Ira shares that “A plain oversized tee and my trusted pair of denim shorts will do. As much as I want to wear stylish clothes after the quarantine, it is not practical.” Ira also explains that she is willing to shift her designer bags into her trustee canvas tote bags since it offers more function especially during her frequent trips to the grocery etc. In times like this, we should also prioritize function and make use of our fashion pieces that are easy to go around in and with!

Lissa Kahayon


Just like us, Lissa Kahayon misses dressing up—the very act of putting together your favorite pieces of clothing to create a look is just therapeutic! The fashion and lifestyle content creator says that “I would want to go all out when it comes to dressing up but in reality, I’ll most likely wear something comfortable and I’ll be covered from head to toe for safety reasons," Lissa further explains "The rules have changed in our house as well. Whenever someone leaves the house, shoes and bags will be immediately disinfected upon return and will be left out overnight. Everyone goes straight to shower and clothes will be put in a separate hamper for washing." Do take note that you can put up these house rules on your homes as well! Precaution is always better than cure and that affects in fashion as well.

Patricia Prieto


Fashion girl and cycling instructor, Patricia Prieto weighs in a lot of factors when it comes to her first post-quarantine look. With style and safety in mind, she is keen on creating a look that will be appropriate for these times. “My first post-quarantine look will depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’d love to wear something cool even if I’m just off to a grocery run. Whatever it is I’ll put on, it will definitely be matched with a cap or bucket hat and a protective mask of course!” When it comes disinfecting her fashion pieces, she makes sure that she uses the proper disinfectant for her bags and shoes. It's better to be careful than sorry!

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