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Powerful In Pink: The Trendiest Color For Power Dressing

The resurgence of women’s suits in the past year can be attributed to a combination of many cultural forces. The 2016 USA presidential campaign for instance gave a spike in pantsuits, (thanks Hillary Clinton) the growing push to have more women in politics and corporate board memberships, and more recently, the #MeToo movement.



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Likewise, the color pink has had its surging momentum, from childhood girlishness to a millennial favorite, then to a subversive, political icon (remember the pussy hats?) Put both trends together and what do you get? Pink suits and blazers. Together, we have possibly the hottest piece for the women’s movement, starting with this year’s Fall/Winter 2018 line-up all the way to next Spring 2019.



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If you ever had the chance to replay some of the best fashion week shows of Spring/Summer 2019, you’ll probably pick-up on these key pieces, like pink pantsuits, pink blazers, matching and pink tailored ensembles, making it one of the most popular offering for the next season. So if you see any pink workwear on racks now, better snatch them up as these will last you well past the summer next year!


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