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The Classic Polo Shirt Is What You Need To Make These Trends Work

Fashion is constantly evolving, as well as our style. It’s part of the fun part of dressing up— trends come and go, we update our wardrobe to suit the season and our taste, and follow what’s in yet stay true to our core. Pieces are worn over and over, or slipped on once and never again. We endlessly stock on clothes that speak for who we are, and what statement we want to express.

It doesn’t mean, though, that hoarding for the coolest stuff in our favorite shops and boutiques is the way to leave a lasting impression. Mixing and matching is key! A classic polo shirt, for one, can be reinvented in several styles perfect for different occasions. Pair it with these trends, and—voila! A unique twist to a fresh staple for today’s OOTD.  

Here, we show you how you can effortlessly stride in style with just the classic polo shirt. It’s called classic for a reason! Regatta’s collection of this closet mainstay comes in a wide variety of colors to match your mood, and it goes well with anything. Get laidback and chic with our mix-and-match picks!


Polo with all-over print in gray – Php 1,095.00 / Mid-waist trousers in powder blue – Php 995.00


Classic polo shirt + washed-out, wide-legged denim jeans + chunky shoes

This getup spells crisp yet easy-going. The usual jean bottom is updated with its bigger, modern version, while the typical sneaker can be traded for slip-ons. It’s reminiscent of your early teens-era weekend uniform, but much more sleek and tasteful.


Twill trucker jacket in pink – Php 1,495.00 / Essential polo in gray – Php 695.00 / Denim a-line skirt with front zip detail – Php 795.00


Classic striped polo shirt + summer shorts + tinted sunglasses

All set for your getaway? Yes, you are! The classic polo is a great top to bring to your travels, and these trendy shorts adds a bit more fun to the look. Don those colored lenses as you bask under the sun—effortlessly cool indeed!


Parka with hood in rust – Php 1,595.00 / Khaki mid-rise trouser – Php 1,095.00 / Polo shirt with contrast trim – Php 1,095.00


Classic polo shirt + parka + joggers + sneakers

Now that we’re slowly bidding the summer goodbye, it’s good to be armed with a trusty parka jacket paired with your fail-safe sporty look. Choose pieces that lend a pop of color to liven up a rather relaxed attire.


Regular length shift polo dress in stripes – Php 895.00 / Parka with hood in red – Php 1,595.00


Polo shirtdress + jacket

Wrap a bright-colored jacket around the waist to upgrade a plain shirtdress. The laidback feel is perfect for your adventures wherever you go. Consider this your new uniform!



The full selection of Regatta polos is now available in stores nationwide and online at Free shopping is offered for a minimum purchase of Php 2,000.00 when shopping online.