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There’s A New Truly Ethical And Sustainable Fashion Website And We’re Shopping Here Now!

Plus it computes for you how many times you should wear the product to make it a worthy purchase!

This Earth Day, we are celebrating a new e-commerce website that banners only fashion brands and products that give back socially and environmentally. Here comes Relevé Fashion, a premier online destination for ethical brands and sustainable fashion. While shopping from home is still the dominant form of retail therapy these days, Relevé came at a perfect time as it carves out an online retail space for fashion lovers who are also conscious shoppers. With their #PurchaseWithPurpose, one can support a chosen non-profit partner at no added cost—yes, just by simply adding to cart!

Relevé Fashion works with with designers, innovators, philanthropists, and individuals who share their principles and social objectives to provide products that make a truthful statement for positive fashion and  those that promote conscious lifestyles. 100% of the brands housed in the website support initiatives for the environment, social causes, and personal well-being. Designers in their repertoire, locally and internationally, include fashion designer Bea Valdez, accessories designer Joanique, and artisanal luxury clothing and accessories shop Muzungu Sisters.

It’s not your ordinary shopping website, though. The founder, Raia Gomez, has a dream that fashion could still be an outlet for positive social change, despite being cause of many environmental woes today. “When it comes to fashion, I really couldn’t fathom how something I’ve always loved and looks so gorgeous could be so destructive and exploitative. I told myself that I never want what I’m wearing on my back to be a weight on someone else’s shoulders,” says Raia. The website has since then gathered many accolades since its inception. Relevé Fashion is the inaugural retail partner of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships. It is also the first retailer awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark for sustainable excellence. As a female-, Asian-founded company, CEO Raia Gomez is a member of the Female Founder Collective. 

On top of all this, what’s new and exciting about the website are the details like Cause Per Wear, where they tell you what percentage goes into your chosen charity that they’re partners with, and Cost Per Wear, a calculation of the suggested number of times you can wear your purchase to make it a truly worthy and economical purchase for you.

Initiatives like Relevé are already a full step in making the fashion industry a more sustainable one. Collectively, we can make even bigger strides as more and more corners of fashion do the same. 

For more information, visit Relevé Fashion and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Photos by Rob Leung

Art by Raff Colmenar

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