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Shoe-In Recap: The Best Footwear Trends of 2017

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, new shoe trends come waltzing in to the fashion scene. Shoe-addicts in particular will understand the power of a trendy pair, and how it can instantly make a standard shirt-and-jeans day into an on pointe seasonal chic. From new styles, to modified classics, this year for shoes was a delightful variety.

Although it pains us to narrow down the bunch to our top picks, here’s are the selected trends that really had us flying for the shoe rack:


Mule, Or Slide Shoes


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Arguably the biggest shoe style of the year, mule shoes and slides are now staple silhouettes in every shoe store, and come in different designs. From urban chic, to indigenous flair, these shoes are truly the ultimate combination of fashion and comfort—no wonder they’ve dominated the streets!


Pearl Embellishments


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We’ve seen the usual rhinestones and sequins peppered on shoes, but this year the embellishing craze is all about pearls. Not as flashy as faux gemstones, but classy enough dress up any shoe style. Plus, they’re definitely more office-appropriate!


Pompom Pieces

Ever thought that a little fuzz is flattering on your toes? Turns out, these little puffs add a great touch to your footwear; they instantly draw attention to your feet with their festive look. Pompom shoes come in heels, flats and even sandals; some are sleeker, while some have a more exotic look to them. Either way, you gotta’ have one!


Plexi Shoes


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Taking those nude shoes to a whole new level! Plexi shoes often come with some parts of your footwear completely transparent, allowing you to show-off more of your skin. This trend is surprisingly very sexy, and amps up the nude take on shoes. And yes, we can totally pull this off for work.


V-Shaped Vamps

If you love the pointy-toe style, then this new shoe trend is your jam. V-shaped vamp shoes add a greater point by creating a V that’s often elevated, or covering your instep—kind of like a V-neck for your feet. The result is a more pointed look, and slimmer feet profile for your foot. V-shaped vamps come in heels or flats, so there’s definitely something for you to try.


Lead photo by @zarahjuan.