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Check Out These Must-Try Styling Tricks For Modern Layering

We navigated the art of modern layering with Uniqlo's 2023 Fall/Winter LifeWear Collection!

Have you ever tried layering? Trust us, you have to. This is not just a trend, but it is a life hack. Modern layering is a good formula for winter dressing—it keep you warm, and more comfortable. It is cozy but civilized. It has flair without being frenetic. 

Done properly, wrapping up amid declining temperatures can be a masterclass in multifunctional dressing, where layering separates can seamlessly take you from dawn to dusk; alfresco to inside—and negate the need for bulky outerwear when you want to feel polished. 

Recently, we attended UNIQLO’s 2023 Fall/Winter LifeWear Collection Display at SM Aura, and we saw first-hand their latest and upcoming collections. We navigated the art of modern layering and its three key aspects: style, color and texture, and function.

In terms of style, it promotes the classic yet modern, the casual yet chic. Cozy knits, utility bottoms and more allow individuals to express themselves with sophistication.

Another thing to consider when it comes to layering is mixing different fabrics and choosing the right color. This adds a bit of depth to your look and helps to break it up. Tone-on-tone coordination is perfect for layering—a minimalist color palette makes it easy to mix lengths and texture without things ever looking busy. The collection presents a vast array of wools, knits, and other warm textures, alongside tone-on-tone gradation colors in gray, berry, and off-white.

On the other hand, the modern layering of function features cutting-edge technologies and UNIQLO’s renowned HEATTECH innovation, keeping wearers warm, and in style, throughout the season.

Also present during the event were UNIQLO Philippines ambassadors Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli and Matteo Guidicelli who expressed their excitement on perfecting the art of modern layering. 

Check out these pieces online and at UNIQLO stores.