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Suit Up: 5 Chic Blazer And Trouser Combos We Love

When it comes to work wear, we're often limited to the idea that we have to wear a button-down shirt, some sort of structured skirt or pants, and an ill-fitting blazer jacket. Thankfully, with the resurgence of genderless dressing in the latest seasons, suits have become the trend du jour for the coolest fashionistas all over. They make for a great outfit idea for a work event, or even a party where you don't want to be stuck with just wearing a dress. Whether the blazer is paired with a matching pair of trousers or thrown over denim jeans, one thing's for sure—they have to be tailor-fit, or effortlessly oversized to make the right sort of impact. Here are some of the ones that caught our eye:


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Break the monotony of a matchy-matchy blazer jacket and cropped trousers with a thick statement belt in a solid color. Don high heels to finish off the look and create a long silhouette.



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Velvet is a great fabric choice for chilly weather, and what's cooler is wearing it in a monochromatic manner. We love how this all blue combo is so easy on the eyes!



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Bust out that oversized blazer from the 80s—the it piece you can literally throw over almost anything: an easy day dress, jeans, or cigarette pants.


Wallpaper florals are an it print this season, and they're even prettier when paired with a billowy blouse with a fancy neckline or detail. 


A powder blue suit is made cooler with an unexpected trouser shape and an equally eye-catching handbag like this. Dress it up or down with the right accessories! 

Lead photo via Matches Fashion Instagram