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What’s Hot: These Cool Jackets Will Keep You #InYourElement In Any Kind Of Weather

There’s no reason needed to get out and explore the great outdoors. And not just out into the wilderness, but even as close to home as going about around the city. Although, sometimes weather can be unpredictable, leaving us in a pickle when we’re caught without the right kind of clothing. As trivial of a woe this might sound, having the right garments on can make all the difference!

Fortunately, Superdry has just released a new series of jackets which are perfectly made for all kinds of weather, ranging from those fit for a cool day out, to jackets that provide a little extra warmth for colder climates. So if comfort and function are things that are of the utmost importance to you, then these might just be the jackets you should include in your list of everyday must-haves.


Hybrid Jackets

As outerwear specialists, Superdry has pieces for all types of climate. For the cool but awkward transitional weather, their tweed hybrid hooded jacket would be the perfect to put on. Easy to match, as it pairs perfectly with jeans and boots

Hooded Double Zip Tweed Fuji, PHP 6950 (left), Elements Tweed Hybrid Hood Jacket, PHP 8450 (right)


Classic Parkas

For much colder weather, Superdry’s classic Parkas are a good mix of functionality and comfort. It also comes with detachable faux fur trimmed hoods, multiple pockets, and comes in different fabrications, such as wax and tweed, and different colors and styles as well.

Glacier Padded Parka, PHP 8950


Down Jackets

If insulation really is a must, Superdry’s Down collection will give you just that, without taking away being fashionable, of course! With a 90/10 premium duck down filling, certified by the Responsible Down Standard, these are what you should have with you when temperatures go sub-zero.

Microfibre Classic Tri Racing Puffer, PHP 7250 (left), Taiko Padded Faux Fur Jacket, PHP 7250 (right)



With practicality and function in mind, the outdoors are made more bearable with Superdry’s Windcheaters and Windbombers. Also lined with soft fleece, these jackets help you endure the elements in any type of weather.

Arctic Intron Hooded Windcheater, PHP 6950 (left) , Arctic Hood Splice Windcheater, PHP 6750 (right)



Quilted Jackets

A good alternative to bulky winter wear, Superdry’s quilted jackets provide extra warmth, without the size and weight. Featuring streamlined, lightweight padding, these jackets are versatile, and give extra style for the winter season.

Down Radar Mix Quilt Jacket, PHP 8950 (left), Offshore Luxe Chevron Fuji, 6950 (right)



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