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Sustainable Fashion Brands You Should Be Supporting This 2018

In this age of excess, fashion really should be more about going back to what expresses who you truly are, and investing in pieces that add value to your life (and closet!) Gone are the days of shopping just for the sake of shopping, and looking into issues such as reducing carbon footprint and sustainability are worthy causes both in the local and international fashion scene. 

Luckily, homegrown fashion designers and entrepreneurs have already taken a step into the risky world of eco-fashion with the introduction of eco-friendly and community-building brands that benefit both the designers/entrepreneurs, the environment, and the people who work for them. Check out the brands that made it to our eco-chic wishlist, a must on our next shopping session!

Posh Everyday Vegan Leather Goods


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Sepa Cebu for Anthill Fabric


Vivien Ramsay


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Lead photo via Anthill Fabric