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The 2018 Wedding Dress Trend You Need To Look Out For, According To Camille Co

Camille Co juggles many hats—stylish ones, of course! When she’s not busy filming a vlog episode, blogging on the other side of the world, styling, modeling, or even running her own Scandinavian-themed furniture store, the social media influencer has her hands full as a fashion designer.

Coexist by Camille Co started out as an online store for chic, ready-to-wear fast-fashion pieces in 2008—but somewhere along the way, the management graduate and designer-at-heart transformed the label into a bespoke line for bridal and couture pieces. According to the brand’s official page, Camille’s design philosophy is “always true to the female body, subtle but noticeable; classic but modern and most of all, striking but never over-the-top.”

In line with wedding season, Metro.Style got to talk with the blogger/designer about her bridal line, the one wedding trend women should look out for this year, and designing for the millennial bride. Keep scrolling for your  fashion and wedding fix!



Metro.Style: What are your upcoming plans for Coexist By Camille Co’s bridal line?

Camille Co: To be honest, we’re not as active with Coexist now because of all the other businesses we’re doing, but we definitely have things for our brides on the pipeline. We’re definitely doing more princess cuts and silhouettes! I don’t know why, but a lot of my brides are really into that right now.



Metro.Style: What is one wedding trend women should look out for this 2018?

Camille Co: The Meghan Markle [trend]! Her gown is all about simplicity—it has clean lines and a clean silhouette. We don’t see this trend a lot on brides here in our country, because we’re all about big and elaborate pieces. Hopefully, a lot more brides will look for more sophisticated cuts and cleaner silhouettes this year. You don’t always have to go for bling, bling, bling and lace, lace, lace! You can also do it the Meghan Markle way—crisp, clean, and elegant.

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Metro.Style: How do you design pieces for the millennial bride?

Camille Co: Millennial brides are very decisive because they’ve done their research. They have a lot of pegs! Designing for them is really a process: You listen to them first and then re-assess if it’s something you can actually adapt to their body type. I always try my best to make my millennial brides’ dreams come true. It’s really about reaching a compromise between what they want and what I think would look good on them, plus my aesthetic as a designer.


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Can’t get enough of Camille Co’s pieces? Take a look at some of her works in this slideshow below:



(Photos 1-9 from @itscamilleco, Photos 10-11 from @tgosingtian, Photo 12 from @lissakahayon, Photo 13 from @reijeannn, Photo 14 from @taramilktea)