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The Lust List: Fine Jewelry Especially Made For Summer

What excites us most about summer isn't just the obvious: Long days in the sun, exotic sandy beaches, and getaways that make for some of the best memories. True blue fashion fans look forward to this time of year mainly for the simple joy of getting to update our wardrobes with the season's latest and chicest picks! A swimsuit or two is a no-brainer addition to your closet, and woven bags are a staple, but jewelry is often forgotten, and most likely reserved for more "special occasions" like anniversaries, Christmas, or birthdays.


The "Petits Bonheurs" collection


This season, Jewelmer begs to disagree. Their latest collection dubbed "Petits Bonheurs" is specifically made for the summer months when accessorizing yourself for the beach can be tricky. With this special collection, they drew inspiration from the things that make summer special: Palm trees, sailboats, sunglasses, flip flops, even a camera—for capturing life's little joys this time of year. 



Each of these 18-karat gold summer-inspired charms are attached to an authentic South Sea Jewelmer Pearl, making it extra special to give as a gift to loved ones or to yourself! What better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a memento like this, right? For more information, log on to


Lead photo via @child_of_wild