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The ‘New Normal’ Look: Top Designers Sketch Stylish PPE Suits We Can Wear

What does a protective gear with a dash of style looks like at this time of Corona? Our top designers show us

Personal protective equipment (PPE) suits and face masks—these are today’s fashion buzzwords that we never thought of having to incorporate into our daily wardrobe. Sounds a bit post-apocalyptic but this is the what the ‘new normal’ now calls for. As we slowly ease into lighter forms of quarantine, how do we make sure that we are protected as we venture out? More so, does this mean our style will be compromised, cloaked under a PPE suit and not seeing the day of light? Our local designers don’t think so! In this Metro.Style exclusive, we ask five top designers to envision a look that protects us but at same time not skimping on style.

This is the ‘New Normal’ Look, a reimagining of how post-quarantine trends would be like and of course to put it simply, how to just be protected in style. Waterproof fabrics, breathability, and wearability take front and center in the sketches. Coverage is king and while fashion may have taken a back seat, it was not compromised in the making of these designs.


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To complete the look, matching face masks, shields, and some even gloves were part of the new ensemble, too. While these looks may just be on paper right now, the new life outside will only tell if we fully need this to be a new wardrobe staple soon. 

See the five stylish designer PPE sketches made by our top designers and hear from them directly on the inspiration behind them! 


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Vania Romoff’s Tafetta Coat

“I’ve decided to create a simple wrap-style PPE coat. The oversized silhouette and sleeves make it easy for you to wear it on top of any ensemble. The high neckline gives extra coverage, too. I chose to do a coat style PPE instead of overalls because it’s something more practical. But of course it’s made in reversible taffeta. So it’s still waterproof and you can use it inside out!”

Michael Leyva’s Lab Gown

“PPE lab gown but make it couture why not? Made of microfiber material that’s water- resistant, this will help us to be protected in times of this pandemic. Especially when we go outside our houses. It is an overlap lab gown with side opening for easy wearability—with belt rope on this waist for [added] accent on the waist. In times like this, we should be protected in style.”

Chris Nick’s Suit Dress with Gloves

"Being cautious yet never sacrificing style—a reimagined off-shoulder suit dress with sleeves extending as gloves paired with a fabric coordinated mask that reveals an accentuated bow for flare and a chapeau du matin naturally with its own face shield. The new normal of chic and elegant dressing."

Patty Ang

"I envision a woman who still feels confident but at the same time feels protected in a glammed up event in the future. This makes for the perfect protective eveningwear look. The high neck, fully covered bodice and floor-length skirt provide the coverage one needs. Made of water-resistant tafetta, this look is sure to make any woman feel dressed up while having the feeling of full protection."

Francis Libiran 10-Look Strong Collection

"I created this collection of PPE designs which are actually stylish and fashionable. These pieces would have to be made with high quality, water-resistant but breathable fabrics. I played with volumes and silhouettes to make the PPE more wearable and luxurious.  Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, I think it is still comforting to know that life is what we make of it and better days are coming, so being stylish is also a choice."

Lead Art by Raff Colmenar


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