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Retailer The SSI Group Starts A Movement To Push For Community Positivity

The times we are in shows that even through our own fashion and way of life, we can still show care

The Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) Group starts a movement towards a healthy and positive mindset in the new way we do things today. With #WeRiseTogetherPH, one of the nation’s biggest fashion and lifestyle retailers starts a safe space to spread optimism to our community

With the simple hashtag, the SSI Group’s workforce and everyone else are invited to share posts that may seemingly look simple but are indeed ways of to foster hope and positivity. Perhaps a yoga session with the partner? A newly discovered recipe with the kids? What are you wearing today? These captured and posted everyday things make “the new normal” actually a way of rising up together.


Use #WeRiseTogetherPH and tag @ssilifeph in your posts showing how you get up everyday and do something for yourself and those around you! With this little digital space, we are able to start a community of people who are healing and rising up everyday.

For more information on the movement, follow @ssilifeph on Instagram