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These Are Not Your Usual Plastic Bags

There's been buzz about how single-use plastic is becoming a no-no in a lot of establishments locally, for the simple reason that these contribute to the worsening problem of environmental pollution. A lot of restaurants and cafes deserve applause for their efforts to lessen plastic waste, by offering reusable straws, and asking customers if they would like to take their meal/drink in dine-in tableware instead. 

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But don't get us wrong, we're not here to be preachy about the topic. This story aims to shift our focus on single-use plastic, and on ones that can be reused multiple times—we're talking about plastic in the fashion department!



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PVC is a type of plastic that's well-loved in the fashion world for its ability to look really cool when used for clothing or accessories. This year, plastic bags are all the rage, and showing off your belongings in a chic shaped plastic is the it thing to do. Surely this type of plastic bag will go a long way, and with proper care, can even last a lifetime. We rounded up our top picks in this category, to serve as #inspo for your next shopping spree. Check it out:




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