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This Is What We're Getting From Ray-Ban's New #IconsReinvented Pop-up Store

Did you know that Ray-Ban's roots date back 80 years ago when US Army Air Corps Colonel John Macready approached the original Ray-Ban owners Bausch & Lomb and asked them to create a pair of sunglasses that would help reduce glare for war pilots?

Fast forward to today, Ray-Ban has remained true to its origins, delivering high-quality and high-function sunglasses. But while the classics will always stay as classics, the brand is reimagining their iconic frames and structures to offer a more modern and contemporary look to these timeless pieces. 

Enter the #IconsReinvented collection, which is an array of reinvented classics that give more attitude and attract more attention to the wearer. The new collection debuts in the Philippines this month via exclusive pop-up stores in SM malls around the country. 

The #IconsReinvented collection features a number of upgraded classics, perfect for long-time Ray-Ban fans and those who are buying their first pair. But our favorites from the new collection are easy to spot for their versatility and stand-out factor: the Marshal, the Colonel, and the General Blaze.


Man-up with the Marshal

While the Aviator and Wayfarer are classic sunglass shapes that we have come to love, this new lens shape will totally be the next classic. The Marshal is a cross between The Hexagonal and The General, and gives a more manly and androgynous feel to the delicate Hexagonal frame. 


Who is it for? It's for everyone! Bring out your statement jackets or your chunky boots and bring the Marshal out to the field.


The Colonel got promoted

It's essentially the General, except that it rose the ranks. The Colonel is the perfect pair for those looking for a more masculine finish to their outfits, without compromising that trendy silhouette. Just like the General, it looks classic, easy to bring around, and easy to wear. You really can't overdo it or underdress with this pair.


Another amazing thing we love about the Colonel: it's so lightweight! You don't have to worry about sunglass marks with this one!


The Blaze General blazes the trail

Perhaps our favorite in our favorites is the Blaze General, which is what you get when you marry the sleekness of the General and the boldness of the Blaze. While we're all familiar with the General, the Blaze is a trailblazing construction that puts the lens over the frame. The Blaze is also available in Round and Clubmaster.

The Blaze General stands out because of its trendiness without sacrificing versatility. It's available in black for the classic lovers, in green for those who are ready to experiment, and a nice not-overpowering pink for the trendsetters. 

If you'd like to blaze ahead of the pack, you can get your hands on the Blaze General earlier than everyone else if you get it exclusively from the Ray-Ban pop-up store in select SM malls. Right now, the Ray-Ban #ReinventBrilliance store has launched in SM Makati so you can get your hands on one from there.