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Cop These: The Hottest ‘It’ Bags Of The Season You Should Own Now

The ultimate gift you can give to yourself is a bag and here are 20 options you can choose from.

Whether you're the type of girl who opts functionality over style or if you prioritize style over everything else, we got you! These bags range from the most talked about to the up-and-coming styles you should look out for but in the end, one (or dare we say it, more!) out of these 20 bags are destined to sit on your arms until the end of time. We gathered every ‘It’ bag in every price point; best believe you'll be exiting this article with a dream bag in mind—even better, a purchase.

See our ultimate wish list of the best and the hottest bags at every price point.

Côte d'Azur

Jacquemus Le Chiquito

Ever had a French Riviera dream where you’re riding an open-top Bugatti in a flowy Orseund Iris Victorian top? Well if you had that weirdly specific dream then might as well add Le Chiquito in the scene. The micro bag of all micro bags, this baby started it all and it's here to stay.

  • Jacquemus Le Chiquito

Table For Two

Valentino Small VSling

“Table for two please, for me and my bag of course” A bag that is worthy to sit across you from the table is the bag worth splurging. With Lizzo’s internet-breaking stunt in the AMAs red carpet, this bag has been one of the most talked about so far. Although it’s not as tiny as Lizzo’s, at least you can store more essentials inside this version.

  • Valentino Small VSling

Double Trouble

Bottega Veneta The Pouch in Mist

The new Bottega Veneta is Rosie HW-approved and her Instagram can fully attest to that. The supermodel turned entrepreneur lives and breathes in BV. Rosie pairs The Pouch with the classic little black dress and captures flat lays with it.

  • Bottega Veneta The Pouch in Mist

Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

Rosie HW is also seen taking shoefies with the much-loved quilted BV Cassette Bags. PRO-TIP: We’re taking notes and you should too.

  • Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

Pearl On The Loose

Zara Pearl Bead Handbag

Instagram bag of the year goes to the pearl beaded bag. As seen on every Instagram influencer, this bag can champion its way to the holidays. Style this bag to brunch with high-waisted denim jeans and a renaissance-esque corset, you’ll be good to go.

  • Zara Pearl Bead Handbag

Femme Battle

Mango Metallic Mesh Bag

If Joan of Arc lived in the 21st century, this will be her go-to party bag. This mesh bag is strong enough to carry your party essentials and pretty enough to stun the crowd. Just make sure you’re welcome to share the things you put in this bag.

  • Mango Metallic Mesh Bag

Mint Cinch

Charles & Keith Textured Belt Bag

A drawstring and a belt bag in one chic combo? Yes please! This baby doubles as a belt bag and a drawstring that’s chic enough to cinch your waist. Dress this up with a black oversized blazer and the chunkiest dad shoes ever for the ultimate luxury gone street look.

  • Charles & Keith Textured Belt Bag

My Fur Lady

Kate Spade Fluffy Cross-body Tote

I’ve always had a soft heart for fur (make it faux of course) because it expresses my femininity whenever I dress up with boy-sized shirts. But to have a faux fur almost shearling coated tote is something else. See me hustling with this tote everywhere, it literally fits a 13” laptop and everything you need for work.

  • Kate Spade Fluffy Cross-body Tote

Tin Classic

Lacoste Croco Crew Grained Leather Bag

If the product name of this bag doesn’t make you want to buy it, let me at least convince you that this bag goes so well with denim. The silver finish pops against denim plus it fits your phone and other mall essentials. We love a bag that can turn any basic outfit into an elevated casual look.

  • Lacoste Croco Crew Grained Leather Bag

Street Hazard

Off-White 2.8 Jitney Furry Bag

Anything from Off-White is a street stopper and that is just a no-brainer. Known for its tactical meets high fashion goodness, this furry bag is just as attention worthy as a stoplight, you wouldn’t have to worry when you’re crossing the street.

  • Off-White 2.8 Jitney Furry Bag

Eye Candy

Prada reedition 2000 nylon mini-bag

The Prada Nylon Mini Bag resurfaced from the face of the earth and is bound to conquer the internet. With supermodel Kendall in everything Prada on her off-duty OOTDs, there’s no doubt this bag will hit the streets again. Style these candy-esque Pradas with a white slim fit t-shirt and high waisted mom jeans or opt for an unconventional floral satin dress and pair it with kitten heels, both are stylish It girl favorites.

  • Prada reedition 2000 nylon mini-bag

The Fashion Grinch

By Far Amber Lime Green Bag

By Far’s Amber bag is the tasteful shoulder bag of the season. As seen on supermodels sisters: Gigi and Bella Hadid, bags from By Far can for sure be your new best friend. Style this pistachio borderline lime green favorite with bell bottom high-waisted black pants and the tiniest cropped top or bring this to work to breathe life to your 9 to 5 outfit.

  • By Far Amber Lime Green Bag

Girl Em-Boss 

Coach Tabby Top Colorblock Snakeskin

Hiss on haters with this venomous Coach bag. Dress to kill and style this bag with a power suit or a patterned mid-length dress that compliments the bag’s embossed snakeskin. You can thank us later.

  • Coach Tabby Top Colorblock Snakeskin

Jungle Fever

Balenciaga XXS AJ Leopard Tote Bag

Got bored with your plain canvas tote bag so quickly? Invest on Balenciaga’s Leopard Tote Bag and forget about dull days. With the right size for everyday commute or when you just need a bag to take to cafes to sip coffee and chill, this is the right bag for you.

  • Balenciaga XXS AJ Leopard Tote Bag

PVC Goodness

Chanel Vanity Case

Chanel wants to take you for a ride into the future with the Vanity Case. Made from swirled yellow and green hues with the chicest PVC material, this shoulder bag is the luxury gone street plot twist we’ve been waiting for.

  • Chanel Vanity Case

Channeling Chanel

Chanel Flap Bag

We’re seeing both sides like Chanel in this modernized flap bag. The circular handle revamps the classic Chanel flap bag silhouette. This fresh take can easily perfect any dressed up ensemble whether you’re going to dinner with friends or heading straight to the party, you do you!

  • Chanel Flap Bag

Logo Mania

Dior Blue Saddle Original Oblique Canvas Bag

If you’ve witnessed the comeback of the Dior Saddle Bag, you clearly know what’s up. From the arms of fictional fashion mogul, Carrie Bradshaw to one of today’s supermodels, Elsa Hosk, the Dior saddle bag has officially invaded our wardrobes again. Need another reason to cop the saddle bag? See one of its several designs on the next bag suggestion.

  • Dior Blue Saddle Original Oblique Canvas Bag

Stylish In Action

Dior Green Saddle Camouflage Pouch

Want a badass version of the Saddle Bag? Aside from the classic black leather version you should maybe consider this camouflage beauty.

  • Dior Green Saddle Camouflage Pouch

Gucci On-The-Go

Gucci Beige Ophidia GG Mini Backpack

Getting ready for tomorrow’s 8-hour hustle but still want to go in style? Opt for the GG Mini backpack if you want to skip the hassle and go hands-free. This backpack provides ample space for a powerbank, your lipstick choice of the day, your trusty card holder and wallet.

  • Gucci Beige Ophidia GG Mini Backpack

Material Girl

Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette Accessories

The more the merrier and in all rules of styling, the Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette proves its reign as the ultimate bag. With three ways of using this bag, it proves to be evergreen and versatile. Made to be worn as one or if you feel like toning it down like a minimalist, feel free to explore and style this Multi-Pochette.

  • Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette Accessories