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Top Filipino Fashion Girls to Definitely Follow on TikTok Now

Get your daily dose of fashion fun from these style mavens

While most of the outside world seems to have come to a halt, the internet continues to be as vibrant as ever, if not more—here comes TikTok. While it is rightfully difficult to avoid information about the devastating coronavirus that has placed people around the globe in quarantine, there are pockets of shared inspiration, joy, and even silliness, reassuringly present in what can seem like unending bad news. Though it can feel like a guilty privilege to experience delight at a time like this, it does remind us that part of survival is fighting for the things that keep us human—including laughter.

Among the many digital spaces people are infecting each other with giggles is TikTok. Known for its lip-syncing videos and dance challenges, it has also become a hub for fashion lovers. This platform is where you can see your favorite style icons break free from the glossy pages of magazines and curated feeds of Instagram, and experience a different, uplifting, fun (and sometimes downright funny) side of them. Here are four Filipina fashion TikToks for you to follow.

Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy)

The renowned style and travel blogger has long been enamoring social media followers with her fashion-forward looks shot around the world. Though she is now sheltering in place like the rest of us, the quarantine hasn’t hampered her digital output. Her newly minted TikTok account is quickly filling up with funny challenges, tricky transitions, and, of course, amazing outfits. Even from the comfort of her home, Laureen continues to wow her audience with her unmatched pambahay looks—including silk pajama sets, a one-shoulder tie-dye crop top paired with grey sweats, and a slew of biker shorts in various colors and prints

Camille Co (@itscamilleco)

Though this fashion influencer is quarantining in an enormous house (with an envy-inducing garden, no less!), she isn’t immune to the silly side of TikTok. On her channel, the oft-polished maven can be seen taking up the same viral challenges as everyone else—though with her own stylish touch. In her “Hit Yo Rollie” dance video, which she does alongside her husband who is cradling their dog like a baby,  she wears a peasant top and trousers in coordinated pinstriped linen. While doing the “You Know I Go Get” challenge, in which people painstakingly shoot videos of themselves jumping midair throughout the house, making it seem as if they are floating, Camille adds her own flair by wearing a dreamy tulle dress and taking us into her mouthwatering walk-in closet.

Heart Evangelista (@lme85)


Bring it to the runway - recycled trash bags ni ate Mel . 🖤

♬ CATEGORY IS... Social Distancing - jordandoww

The queen of style is quickly becoming the queen of TikTok with her funny and savvy posts. In her “Strike A Pose” video, she not only shows off the contents of her glamourous closet— including a feather-sleeved blazer, snakeskin clutch, fluffy coats, and various stilettos—she also gives us a taste of her budding editing skills. In the video, she uses a double to create the illusion that there are two Hearts in one shot; she walks towards the camera, with the double facing away, and when the double turns around, it’s Heart! Her best videos, however, are the ones where she embraces goofiness—such as her “Category Is: Social Distancing” trash bag fashion show. 

Andree Bonifacio (@andreebonifacioo)

Andree, who is also known as AC, is a 17-year-old Fil-Canadian TikTok-verified star who is wowing over 2 million followers with her dance moves. As part of the teen generation that made TikTok the social media giant that it is, it’s no surprise that despite having the least conceptualized videos with the least amount of designer outfits, out of everyone’s on this list, Andree’s channel is the most viewed. Though her content sticks to the same general formula: dancing in her otherwise nondescript bedroom, the variables that she does change—her moves and her outfits—reveal two things: her talent and her style. Follow her to get some ideas on how to make track pants or flannel shirts look cute and feminine, and get some fresh dance moves while you’re at it.