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Tory Burch’s S/S‘19 Collection Showcases Prints From Exotic Destinations Around the World

Summer may be an all-year thing in the Philippines, but welcoming the official 'summer' season has become more exciting for one thing—a wardrobe update! Don't you just love that adrenaline  rush you get from looking through racks or browsing online shops for new, tasteful pieces? More so now that we’ve found a unique way to shop for those to-die-for items.

Curious? Here's our discovery.

American lifestyle brand Tory Burch introduces its Spring/Summer 2019 collection through the Digital Memory Card Game, showcasing their latest adventure-inspired prints. Apart from an interactive sneak peek of the brand's season offerings, expect game winners to receive a special treat.

We've all tried our hands playing the classic card game Pairs, and Tory Burch's digital version is similar. Just look for the Play A Game section and a display of cards will be flashed onscreen. The mechanics are quite simple: Open any two cards and, if these belong to the same print, stay open; if not, it will flip back and you can continue flipping other cards to find its match. If you get all the pairs within 30 seconds, a prize awaits you in your inbox.


Click to play


Fashion play

This thrill of unveiling the collection yourself is part of the fun—making one look forward to shopping even more! Tory Burch highlights four different prints based on the travels of the fashion genius' parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson. Called Something Wild Stripe, Webbing Stripe, Poppy Floral, and Gemini Link, these feature silhouettes with a bohemian ease, balancing volume and tailoring; needlepoint and camera bags; well-worn hats and woven shoes, as Tory describes herself.



The pair, who loves their summers on sea revelry from Italy and Greece to Morocco and Spain, influenced the preppy, nautical striping, while the more graphic-patterned pieces took off from their duality. Colors are grounded in understated neutrals punctuated by joyful pops of bright orange, cobalt blue and Kelly green that give way to soft pastel yellows and pale pinks. Of course, the brand’s signature Tory navy is not to be missed.


Bohemian spirit

The mix of textures speaks to the brand’s eclecticism and bohemian spirit. Lace, handwoven leather, Moroccan-inspired fabrics, and more—it's all about distinctive and carefree sunny days for Tory Burch's Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Jump into the freshest Tory Burch releases! Play the Digital Memory Card game, get a glimpse and know more of the collection, and shop the pieces with an exclusive discount if you win. Sounds like a plan, yes?


The Digital Memory Card Game is available until April 30. In the Philippines, Tory Burch is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Makati, and Rustan’s Shangri-La and Powerplant Mall. Visit their website or follow them on Instagram for more information.