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Uniqlo Philippines Global Flagship Store Just Turned 1! Here Are All The Exciting Things You Can't Miss Out On

A new magazine, a DIY tee station, coveted new collections, and more!

‘Celebrating the First Anniversary of their Manila Global Flagship Store, UNIQLO was literally glowing, as they unveiled their Fall/Winter 2019 collections, and their LifeWear magazine.’

Without a scintilla of doubt, UNIQLO has found a home here in the Philippines. Thanks to its ‘sensitive to Asians’ patterns for apparel sizing, it’s become a favorite for basics, and for work fashion, across a broad spectrum of Filipinos. Each opening of a new UNIQLO store creates excitement for the community near the location; and when they opened a warehouse/outlet store type of operation in the Alabang, Muntinlupa area, that UNIQLO store was an immediate beacon for savvy shoppers.

The Uniqlo Global Flagship Store

The message of Co-COO UNIQLO Philippines Geraldine Sia was crystal clear, that the Japanese global retail company was extremely happy with how they’ve been received here in the Philippines - and they’re constantly finding ways to ensure that the Filipino UNIQLO customer stays happy with the brand.

It was the first anniversary of the opening of their Global Flagship Store at the Glorietta, the biggest in Southeast Asia; and there was a lot of exciting retail news to share. With Christmas just around the corner, was it any surprise to find that one of the three special guests they had for this occasion would be no other than Jose Mari Chan. This renowned singer/composer will always be associated with the Filipino Christmas, and he was happy to be decked out in a UNIQLO cardigan. Also present was film & TV celebrity Matteo Guidicelli, and he was in casual mode, as befits his active lifestyle. He shared with me how his whole family are avid fans of UNIQLO.

Kenneth Cobonpue, with sons André and Julian.

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Kenneth Cobonpue

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Jose Mari Chan, ready for Christmas in his Maroon cardigan.

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Matteo Guidicelli

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Paul Tan of Celeste Cycles

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As for the Retail news, they centered around UNIQLO’S Fall/Winter 2019 collections. UNIQLO U is led by the design sensibilities of Christophe Lemaire; and you’ll love the Duffle Coats, the Wide Fit Curve Jeans for Women, and the Wide Fit Tapered Jeans for Men. It’s sensible Fashion that still manages to make a distinct statement.

UTme! is the latest seasonal offering of UNIQLO, and it basically allows one to personalize one’s T-shirts. One option is to avail of the artwork of 10 local artists, to be silkscreened onto your shirt, and one can embellish and add touches. The other option is to send an image from your mobile device to the UNIQLO website, and pending it fits the established standards, the image/photo is placed on your Tee.

Soleil Ignacio

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Auggie Fontanilla

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CMYKa - Myka Arnado

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Ev Yu

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Happy Garaje

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Isabel Weber

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Manix Abrera

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Mika Bacani

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Otto Bjornik

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Rob Cham

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Collaborations have always been part of the UNIQLO marketing initiatives; how they find unique personalities in the local community, and find ways to work with them, and have them become ‘Ambassadors’ for the brand. The third special guest was no other than internationally-acclaimed Industrial and Furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue. He’s currently working on some projects with UNIQLO, and I was happy to chat with him, and his sons Julian and André. The other ‘collaborator’ being announced was Celeste Cycles, and it’s owner Paul Tan. Celeste has brought bicycles and coffee together in a really refreshing way.

Simple elegance and timeless design - that’s etched in the DNA of individuals such as Kenneth and Paul, it’s evident in their furniture and bicycles respectively; and it’s the trademark of UNIQLO. It’s about not going for the merely trendy or flashy; but appreciating how quality, fit, and comfort, can still go hand-in-hand with fashionable.