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Update Your Fall/Winter Look With 3 Key Accessories

New season, new chance to get it right in the style department! Fall/Winter trends are upon us, and to avoid looking like a fashion victim, we’ve narrowed down 3 key accessory trends you can easily and effortlessly incorporate into your look for a quick update!

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Accessories have the ability to make or break a look, so to further avoid looking like a style clown, we suggest donning one key piece at a time. Scroll further for our best bets right now: 


Bucket bags

Don't underestimate this small bag—as it is one of the most coveted pieces of the season! While you may not be able to lug your entire life around inside it, stripping your essentials down to the bare minimum is also a good idea so you can serve a good fashion statement. There are countless designs out in the market today, but whatever you choose, make sure it's one that can last you way beyond this season. After all, we're pro style mileage!



Bucket bag, Chloé


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Chunky sneakers

If you've been hiding under a rock, chunky "dad" sneakers are all the rage. If you're not into it yet, then what are you waiting for? These seemingly weird, outrageous sneakers may attract the edgier crowd, but conservative fashionistas can definitely get a taste of the trend by incorporating it with muted, minimalist pieces to create just the right amount of oomph. Still scared? Go for an all-white, black, or cream pair for longevity.


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Sneakers, Stella McCartney




Eyewear is a style staple in our closets, but this season, retro-inspired styles have gained more attention, whether they are reminiscent of '90s cat eyes or oversized as in the '70s. We're all for oversized Aviators, as they are flattering to most face shapes and lends a fresh vibe to current season ensembles.



Eyeglasses, Lacoste Eyewear (available in all Ideal Vision stores nationwide)


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