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Wearing Fortune: Chinese Symbols And Accessories To Make You Lucky For The Lunar New Year

One of the most intriguing things about Chinese jewelry (and indeed, many Asian accessories) is their profound meanings and stories behind them. With the Chinese New Year coming soon, everyone is out to get the most auspicious charms to prep them for the big day. While there are a lot of lucky symbols out there for you to choose from, here are our recommendations for an extra chic look to go with your luck. Best of all, you can carry these with you any time!


Jade Bangles


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Legends have it that jade bangles protect their wearer from danger, sickness and misfortune; every chip, every stain and every sudden discoloration on the bangle is said to be a sign of the jade’s work in shielding their wearer from bad luck.


Chinese Knot


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Based on the ancient folk-art, these knots are generally made from a single thread and woven intricately into patterns. Depending on the design, these knots are symbolic of love, happiness, spirit or wealth.


Red Coral


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One of the most prized pieces in Chinese crafts, red coral jewelry was once reserved for members of the royal court. Its deep, red color is considered to be the color of fortune.


Imperial Guardian Lions


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The ultimate symbol of protection, these imposing figures are popular in homes, palaces and businesses. These lions (also known as “Foo Dogs”) are said to protect their homes, and masters, from theft, trouble, and illness. Miniature carvings are also made for jewelry.


Laughing Buddha


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They say Buddha is the only deity that is popularly depicted laughing, and so his figure is said to be the symbol of happiness. These days, Buddha figures now come in all shapes and sizes, and are even a popular charm for jewelry.




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