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Weekend Picks: Jewelry We Can't Stop Thinking About

If there's one thing to invest in this year, and is always a good idea, it's jewelry. Though ordinary day-to-day occasions don't necessarily call for you to shell out the big bucks for a bauble, there are countless other reasons you can come up with so you can justify the purchase. Job promotion? A new baby? Paying off all your credit card debt (and finding a new reason to spend on yourself)? You name it. Our job is to show you all our fabulous finds so you can #treatyoself the best way possible! 

Scouring the net for the most delicious looking jewels abroad, we zeroed in on eight of the ones that we are currently lusting over, and are great additions to a wardrobe that desperately needs some upgrading. 




Keeping it straightforward. A diamond and labradorite pendant on an 18K gold wire collar. ??

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The love for beauty makes us infinite. // Emquies Holstein ring

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Rough Rose Quartz and Tsavorite earrings | The Organics collection

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Lead photo via Carbon and Hyde