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When Zac Met Wonder Woman: The Lovefest Behind That Lapis Gown

Zac Posen may have dressed other celebs at the recent Met gala, namely Brooke Shields and the model Imaan Hammam. He may also have his personal picks as the evening’s best dressed. But there is no doubt who left the most marked imprint in the American designer’s consciousness: Lynda Carter, gay icon and girl power symbol, the Wonder Woman before Gal Gadot came along. The Wonder Woman to Pinoy kids of the 70s and 80s who never missed an episode of the superhero’s TV series back in them Martial Law years.




The wonder-ful Lynda Carter as "Wonder Woman" in 1976. ?? ?? ??

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Carter, in the limelight again because of her new album Red Rock n Blues, stunned the crowd in her custom lapis gown by Posen, and “very Jewish” accessories (as per The Times of Israel) for a “very Catholic” event: a tiara that sported an inscription that reads “l’olam al tishkachi” or “never forget, and a glittering jewel pinned at the back of her head which echoes the Star of David. And because it was a “more is more” kind of evening, she wore two gold pendants from Alex Soldier, and vintage Bvlgari in her hands and ears from Eleuteri. Her clutch, especially dyed to match her gown, was by Judith Leiber (the recently departed designer, a Holocaust survivor) according to her stylist Ann Caruso, a contributor to Harper’s Bazaar.




Proof of how Posen—as Jewish as Carter is and her bling—is so head-over-heels about working with the actress and singer for the first time is the video he posted this morning on Instagram. The post showed Carter in what looks like a fitting session at the designer’s atelier. Sporting a black beret, the voluminous teal gown and likely no makeup, TV’s Wonder Woman shimmied, posed and twirled for the designer’s camera (with her song playing in the background), inspiring Posen to write in his caption: “Convinced she is actually #wonderwoman!” She also clearly has maintained her Miss World America bearing! Just as Carter’s presence sparked a thousand flashes at the Met red carpet, she had apparently been brightening up the Posen atelier days before gala night. “Thank you @reallyndacarter,” the designer wrote on IG, “for lighting up our lives the past few weeks, my whole team and I love you!”




A blue lapis robe coat in the #zacposen #atelier today!

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The shimmying and twirling clearly didn’t stop at the museum steps. Commenting on the designer and Project Runway’s early post on Carter, Imaan Hammam called the actress, “The best dance partner!!” To hear the guy say it, Posen is looking forward to dressing Wonder Woman again in the future. Or even maybe just hanging out. He said on her Instagram, “It was so wonderful to get to meet you through this experience and I Loved every minute, to many more wonderful moments together! xZP”