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5 Reasons Why Shawa Wama Is Our Next Big Addiction

Shawa Wama: Set to be Manila's newest Mediterranean craze


We thankfully live in a day and age where fast food does not necessarily equate to fake food. Thanks to the recent health and wellness movement that's been taking over the world the past couple of years, the food industry has then answered the market's demand for real, fresh, and delicious food on-the-go. Here in Manila, we feel #blessed to be introduced to Shawa Wama, a new concept by The Moment Group that's guaranteed to fill your Instagram as soon as it opens shop (Ed's note: Shawa Wama is currently on dry run as of today, April 5). Here's the best thing about it: It doesn't just look good on your feed, it actually tastes pretty darn good. Here are five reasons why we're head over heels about Shawa Wama:


The Primo Beef Wama Special—12-hour sous vide beef slab with rice, pita, hummus, and cabbage slaw


1. It's affordable but they don't scrimp on ingredients!

Fast food to go usually has a bad rep for being cheap and unhealthy, but this isn't the case for Shawa Wama. While nothing on the menu crosses over to pricey category (except if you decide to order everything they offer), they guarantee fresh, real ingredients that are nutritious and delicious at the same time! Who says you can't have both? Check out their menu:


2. It's quick and easy!

Nowadays, a lot of people like making most of their time by having their meals on-the-go, but that usually means settling for a measly sandwich or the usual fast food takeout. With Shawa Wama, you have the option to have your meal taken out and you get to satisfy those hunger pangs pretty well too! Their meals are meant to be eaten while walking, watching TV, or for post-night out recovery sessions. You never have to settle for a boring old meal again.

Falafel Pita, and Beef Rice


3. You get endless options!

Whether you're a chicken, beef, or lamb person, this joint surely has something that will satisfy your fancy. Pick your protein, choose from either pita, over hummus, or over rice, and enjoy! Don't forget to sample their sweet potato fries that's perfectly crunchy outside, and soft and delish inside! Oh, and don't forget sweet endings with either their yogurt, ice cream, or sorbet of the day!


4. Your sauce options aren't limited.

What's a meal without sauce? They came prepared by offering not one, not two, but five different sauces for you to enjoy with your meal. Choose from the following mouthwatering sauces that make your Shawa Wama meal a lot more exciting for your palate: Cheese, Lemon Garlic, White Garlic, Mild Green Chili, and Hot Red Bird's Eye. 


5. Vegetarians don't get left out.

If you're a veggie fan and have been avoiding animal meat, there's absolutely no need to stay away from the hottest joint in town for they thought about people like you when they were conceptualizing their menu. You'll get a kick out of their Fried Cauli and Red Beet Falafel options that aren't just wholesome, but are mouthwateringly good as well. Win-win!

Cauli over hummus: YUM!


The first branch of Shawa Wama is located at the L/GF of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati.