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A 3rd Wholesome Way To Dine

When Bianca A. Elizalde set up the first Wholesome Table at Boni High, there were some who thought the concept catered to a fringe or niche market; and that Wholesome's price points, it's high quality of food & service, meant that you couldn't fill the tables on a daily basis for lunch & dinner. But sensing how more and more people would care about how healthy, organic, or free-range their food would be, even when dining away from home, Bianca rode the curve, and found there was a market for her brand of cuisine. After sprouting a Salcedo Village branch, we now have her latest, the 3rd Wholesome, found on the 2f of Rockwell Power Plant's New Wing. 


Still on Soft Opening when I dined there, the 3rd Wholesome has interiors with a modern rustic vibe, and boasts of an extensive display area for the Wholesome breads & desserts that one can indulge in right there at the eatery, or opt to take home. The cookies, the muffins, the cupcakes - are specially baked, and there are options to have them gluten-free or vegan-friendly. 

What's been great with Wholesome is how it's never been preachy or hard-sell; just proud to talk about the food-origins, their sourcing of ingredients, and how what's served at your table will often have a 'story'. They don't say Don't eat Beef or Pork; but will ensure the farm or ranch quality of the Beef or Pork served is of a particular standard. And for this new Wholesome, a page of Wholesome Beginnings on the menu introduces their new food items.


The Be Sexy Salad consists of Roasted Beetroot, Onion Jam, Pepperonicini, Grilled Quesong Puti, Cherry Tomatoes, Kale, Berry Fruit Jerky on a bed of Lollo Rossi and Romaine, with Berry-Maca Vinaigrette; and its great! Their Be Energized and Be Lively Salads are what I'll be trying on my next visits. We also had the White Bean & Turkey Soup; and the Heavy Cream, Onion and Garlic turned this starter into a mini-meal unto itself.


For the new Power Bowls, I had a choice of the Thai Rice Bowl, the Kimchi Rice, or if feeling nationalistic (as I was that lunch), the Gising-Gising Bowl. This was Coco-Lime Tofu, mixed with Winged Bean, Wilted Collard Greens, Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Chili, and with a Fried Egg on the Rice. These Power Bowls supply the Protein via the Egg and/or Tofu - and truly hit the spot. Even without any meat in our main course, we were satisfied and semi-stuffed!

Congratulations to Bianca on this 3rd Wholesome. It's been a real pleasure watching you grow this concept and enterprise; and bringing something very personal to our dining landscape.