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Great Ways to Celebrate Cucumber Any Day of the Week

On World Cucumber Day and beyond, Hendrick’s Gin gives inspiration on fun ways to interact with cucumber

Cucumbers can do wonders for the body. Besides being beneficial for hydration, consisting mostly of water, they also contain important electrolytes. Cucumbers are full of Vitamin K, which aids in blood clotting, and it can also support bone health. According to Medical News Today, “As a member of the Cucurbitaceae family of plants, cucumbers contain high levels of bitter-tasting nutrients known as cucurbitacin. According to the International Journal of Health Services, cucurbitacins may help prevent cancer by stopping cancer cells from reproducing. A 133-g cup of chopped cucumber with its skin also provides around 1 g of fiber. . . [to] protect against colorectal cancer.” 


Cucumbers can also control and prevent diabetes. It can help lower blood sugar or stop blood glucose from rising too high. The cucurbitacins in cucumber help regulate insulin release and the metabolism of hepatic glycogen, a key hormone in the processing of blood sugar. There are a myriad of other health benefits that cucumber offers; it’s no wonder that Hendrick’s Gin is choosing to glorify it from June 13 to 15.

"For Hendrick's Gin, the humble cucumber has always been our quintessential muse. In its honor, we're bringing the Cucumber Currency Exchange back to Metro Manila with a number of refreshing twists to serve as a delightful escape from the ordinary humdrum of our everyday lives,” shares Charmaine Thio, Southeast Asia Regional Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin.

Here's An Unusual Way To Celebrate  World Cucumber Day


Here's An Unusual Way To Celebrate World Cucumber Day

At the press event of World Cucumber Day, we were given a taste of what’s to come tonight starting 7PM until the 15th. There was a Hendrick’s Cucumber Spa: a five-minute hand massage with cold towel service, on-the-spot haiku creation for the lovelorn and tarot card readings. Our card readings were on-point and our haikus were surprisingly verbose. We also got to sit down with influencer Show Suzuki and theater star Via Antonio. It was a pleasant afternoon, and we can’t wait to experience it all again tonight–while sipping on our favorite Hendrick’s creations.

Join the cucumber day fun starting on June 14 at 7PM!

List of participating bars: 


● Bhouse

● Lampara

● Secreto

● Dr Wine (Poblacion)

● Apothecary

● Guilt PH

● Mijo Comfort Food and Roof Bar

● Papillon

● Fauna MNL


● Run Rabbit Run

● The Curator

● The Grasshopper Bar

 ● Draft Restaurant & Brewery (Rockwell)

● Spritz

● Mosphil

● The WayOut

● Tiabuela

● Cafe Cubana

● AL Raboosh

● Big Fuzz

Tarot card reading | Photography by Ria de Borja


● St Louis

● Dr. Wine (BGC)

● Draft Restaurant & Brewery (Uptown)

● Bolero

● Burnt Bean (BGC)

● Salt and Ice (BGC)

● The Attic (BGC)

● Refuge

● Masa


● Salt and Ice (Alabang)

● Southbank Cafe


● Southbank Café and Lounge (Estancia)

● Burnt Bean

● Hakid Manila

San Juan:

● Raion

● El Tubo


● Seven

Cucumbers and haikus | Photography by Ria de Borja

Article and images by Ria de Borja

Collage by Raff Colmenar