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How Emma D'Arcy's Fave Cocktail Became A Meme

The House of Dragon star shared her favorite drink and now it's viral! Here's how to get your hands on this drink!

While Cersei Lannister became famous for her love of wine, the ladies in Game of Thrones prequel House of Dragon are more inclined to drink a cocktail. That is, a classic cocktail with a twist, the negroni sbagliato.

This is the drink of choice of actor Emma D’Arcy who stars as Rhaenyra Targaryen in the hit show, and we know this because she tells us so in an interview with Olivia Cooke who plays Alicent Hightower. Listen to D’Arcy describe her favorite cocktail in that voice famous for its sexy raspiness and we can just about begin to understand why the cocktail went viral as a TikTok meme. There are now 26,000 videos (and counting) about the negroni sbagliato using the sound posted by HBO Max.

But what is a negroni sbagliato?

First, let's take a look at the classic negroni, an elegant, understated drink made with one part gin, one part Campari, one part sweet vermouth over ice with a twist of orange. It's  so simple to make that you can’t possibly mess it up, so we’re bemused to learn that sbagliato is Italian for “wrong” or “full of mistakes.”  Emma D'Arcy's negroni sbagliato literally means a negroni made by mistake.  

And yet, how absurdly perfect it sounds. To make a negroni sbagliato, substitute prosecco for gin. The recipe changes to: one part prosecco  (a dry Italian sparkling wine), one part sweet vermouth, one part Campari. Served on the rocks or in a champagne flute, this is a negroni with beautiful effervescence, perfect for brunch, as an aperitif — or heck, drink it any time of day. It retains the negroni’s essential qualities of elegance, simplicity and balance. 

If you want a negroni sbagliato, it’s easy enough to make at home. Or head to Run Rabbit Run where they make a superb negroni sbagliato.  

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