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How To Sniff And Swirl Your Way To Drinking Wine With Style

Wine expert Gail Sotelo makes a case for fully enjoying your glass of wine—even before you take your first sip

You’ve seen those wine connoisseurs sniffing and swirling the wine in their glasses before taking a sip. And you may wonder, why can’t we just guzzle a glass of red without a thought? Of course, you’re free to do just that, but you’ll be missing out on the enjoyment and discernment you get out of tasting wine with a little more mindfulness. Wine and drinks educator and writer Gail Sotelo teaches how and why you shouldn’t miss out on all the steps—from observing the color, to savoring the aroma, to swirling the glass—all before you take your first sip. And of course, this may be the easiest way to impress your friends and colleagues with your wine knowledge.

Learn How To Open A Bottle Of Wine Like A Pro


Learn How To Open A Bottle Of Wine Like A Pro

Special thanks to Don Revy Philippines for the wine, Garden Barn Inc. for the wine glasses and accessories, and The Study by Enderun Colleges at Estancia for the shoot venue

Videography by Giancarlo Escamillas