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Metro Recommends: 10 Delicious Ways To Drink Soju

There's a soju drink for everyone. Find yours!

Soju is swiftly becoming the most popular liquor in town, if it isn't already. It's a  clear spirit with a 20 to 24 ABV, and a sharply neutral taste that reminds one of vodka. It can be enjoyed in many different ways: drunk chilled and neat, for example, or on the rocks, or even mixed into a cocktail. 

Soju owes its popularity to K-drama fever. Every single K-drama has a scene with soju, usually a pivotal scene set for confessions of love, dramatic meetings, or to convey intense emotions, like heartbreak. Is it any wonder, then, that we've become so emotionally invested in soju? 

We admit, we love our soju. And because it is such a clean, neutral drink, we've discovered a lot of ways to enjoy it. We've drank it straight from the bottle,  sampled the different flavors, mixed our soju in beer, soda, and Yakult. If you're wondering the favorite ways we at Metro.Style enjoy our soju, then please check out the gallery below. Who knows? You might find something you'll want to try.