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Here’s What Went On At The Nespresso PH x Metro Society Event

Chatting about K-drama, traveling virtually, and celebrating the simple pleasures of life through coffee

To many people, coffee is an integral part of one’s day. Whichever way you take yours—be it iced, steaming hot, instant, or aged to perfection—the act of making and drinking coffee can be highly therapeutic. Yesterday, Metro Society and Nespresso Philippines invited select guests to partake in a virtual coffee tasting featuring Nespresso’s limited edition coffee, Aged Sumatra

The hour-long affair was hosted by Metro Society’s Editor-in-Chief Raul Manzano and Ferdi Salvador, and was graced by society personalities from various creative and entrepreneurial fields: Leah Puyat, Anton Barretto, Monchet Olives, Raul and Joanna Francisco, Ana de Ocampo, Tessa Alindogan, Pinky Tobiano, Tootsy Angara, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, Pepper Teehankee, Margarita Forés, Edu Manzano, and Dr. Aivee and Z Teo

The event’s downtime banter was truly one for the books—after all, where else can you find esteemed writers, art collectors, chefs, TV personalities, and even surgeons chatting about which K-drama to watch (from Leah herself: Do You Like Brahms, and from Margarita: That Winter, The Wind Blows)? 

In his opening remarks for the program, Patrick Pesengco, Managing Director of Novateur Coffee Concepts, talked about the importance of celebrating the small, simple pleasures of life through coffee.

Later on, the hosts and guests would be making their own coffee concoctions using Nespresso’s Aged Sumatra, learning from Coffee Ambassador JR Abril. But before that, each individual was asked to “travel virtually,” answering the question, “Where would you rather be drinking your Nespresso?” 

Their answers were definitely interesting: Leah Puyat, for one, would like to be in Hong Kong. As a writer, her craft came in the form of her ink collection and her fountain pens. Monchet Olives would prefer to be drinking his Nespresso in—where else?—Sumatra, as he showcased his collection of fans. The Franciscos made their setup reminiscent of a quaint little café in Paris, a city that is very special to both of them. Pepper Teehankee envisioned himself in South Africa, while Margarita Forés was reminded of her home in New York, thanks to the red wallpaper in her mom’s kitchen. 

Pinky Tobiano designed her own tablescape inspired by Tanzania, and Happy Ongpauco-Tiu longed to be in Thailand, even making crafting a salad that made use of Nespresso’s Aged Sumatra. Ana de Ocampo wished to be in London, Tessa Alindogan decked herself out in beachwear as she imagined that her home transformed into a beach resort in the Philippines, and Tootsy Angara came in complete Wonder Woman garb, referencing the Amazon Islands from where Diana Prince hails. Edu Manzano, who was supposed to take multiple trips to various countries this year, wanted nothing more than to be in Cuba with his children, as it’s a trip they take almost annually.

The ladies of Metro traveled virtually, too—Chris Lopez, Metro Group Head, wanted to be in Bali; Lala Ventura, Metro Channel Head imagined that she was in Colombia; and Geolette Esguerra, Editor-in-Chief of Metro, wished that she were in Nice, France. And of course, the hosts: Raul Manzano wanted to go to Puglia, Italy, while Ferdi Salvador longed for Bali, Indonesia. 

“This year has been a crazy ride,” said Millet Valdez, Novateur Coffee Concepts Marketing Head. She talked about what went into creating Nespresso’s limited edition Aged Sumatra, and also emphasized how important it is to cherish simple, everyday things. This latest offering from Nespresso is part of their Master Origins range, which is composed of single-origin coffees that are products of centuries of craftsmanship. 

After that, the masterclass began, headed by JR Abril and starring Nespresso’s Aged Sumatra, of course. He laid down the basics of the coffee for the guests, making sure to describe what notes and flavors they were supposed to smell and taste, answering each guest’s question about the coffee. The Aged Sumatra, he says, has been aged for three years—a special process not practiced by many. Its “elegantly complex cocoa and sweet caramel notes” take the coffee experience even further. 

As the masterclass finished, everyone found themselves holding their very own coffee-infused cocktails, thus ending the event, moving onto happy hour. Cheers! 

For more information about Nespresso’s Aged Sumatra, visit

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Lead photos from @happyongpauco_tiu @nespressoph @draivee