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How To Get The Freshest Beer In The City Delivered Straight To Your Door

Nothing tastes like a cold, freshly pulled Pilsner Urquell on a hot summer's day

If you’ve ever visited a brewery and drank their beer straight from the tap, you'd understand the sheer pleasure, the intoxicating flavor of real fresh beer. The taste is so clean, so true, that it will keep tantalizing you, making you want more. 

The good news is you can now have wonderfully fresh beer delivered straight to your door. Now that the liquor ban has been lifted in most parts of Metro Manila, you can enjoy real fresh Czech beer in the comfort of your home. Introducing our absolute favorite promo right now: the Pilsner Urquell Draught at Home — a four-liter growler of freshly-pulled pilsner delivered to you chilled and ready to drink. Be warned: it's so fresh that you'd better consume it within 24 hours to get it at its best flavor. 


Pilsner Urquell is the very first pilsner beer in the world, and was first brewed in 1842 by brewmaster Josef Groll who created a new beer made with “sweet Moravian barley, delicately bitter Saaz hops, soft Pilsen water, and bottom-fermenting H-strain yeast.” The result was a crisp and beautifully golden lager that became so popular that today, seven out of ten beers in the world are made following the same style. But it's always great fun to be drinking the original. Even after 178 years, the brewery retains some traditional practices, such as using a candle to check that the pilsen has the correct golden color.

When you call in an order of the 4-liter growler from Don Revy is the only time they pour the beer — from its chiller kegs it goes straight into the container via side-pour taps, maintaining the beer’s freshness 100 per cent. The beer reaches you chilled and ready to drink. And yes, you should definitely enjoy it within 24 hours else its flavor will flatten and its quality will change significantly. 

Can we talk about the container? This is a growler, traditionally used to transport draft beer from breweries and now popularly used for bottling craft beers. This one is a beauty and almost as much a steal as the beer it contains. 


Pilsner Urquell's Draught at Home is only available until June 15, 2020. To order, call (0917) 594-0353, (02) 8556-3312, email or visit Don Revy on Facebook.