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Raise The Bar By Diageo Is The Best Cocktail Deal You'll Find This Year

Keep your favorite bars and restaurants alive by paying it forward, quite literally!

Darts Dash, Run Rabbit Run, Draft, Las Flores, 205 – these are just some of the drink and cocktail spots we’ve come to miss since March. It’s no secret that the F&B industry has been one of the most badly hit, with even iconic bars closing down one by one. The good news is: we can help keep our favorites such as Rambla, The Brewery, and After Hours alive. Even better news is: we do it simply by purchasing our favorite drinks ahead. And to top it all off, they’re at PHP 100.00 off, and may be enjoyed as soon as the bars open. 

Zomato Philippines and Diageo, the makers of our favorite liquor brands such as Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray, and The Singleton, have teamed up to help partner outlets to bounce back and normalize their operations as the regulations ease. 


How does it work?

The process is very simple and easy: purchase an e-voucher for a chosen drink at a participating bar, and it will be redeemable after the community quarantines and liquor ban regulations are lifted and the outlet is open again. 

Head on over to to view the complete list of participating bars and drink e-vouchers available. Browse through the offerings, add to cart as you normally would on Lazada, and check out! Note that the drinks cost PHP 100.00 less than their regular selling price, so they’re well worth the purchase! 

Heads up – the voucher will only be valid in the outlet indicated in the e-voucher, so take note of this little detail when you purchase.

How can I redeem? 

Stand by for announcements from Zomato with regard to opening dates and redemption for availability of your purchased drink e-voucher. As of now, all e-vouchers are valid until December 2020. 

Should there be extensions or announcements of community quarantines or liquor bans, Diageo and Zomato Philippines will release new guidelines and advisories. You may also get in touch with Zomato to arrange for refunds for any circumstance. And if, knock on wood, the bar you supported with your purchase closes down, you may coordinate with Zomato to arrange for your refund as well.

Through this, Diageo and Zomato Philippines are hopeful that we are all able to help keep our favorite bars stay afloat. For more information, please visit

Please do not forward to those under 18 years old. Drink responsibly.