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All Day Rosé Without The Guilt Is Our Favorite Weekend Escape

Here come the days of wine and rosés

As we ease into mid-July, the weather transforms, giving us the kind of days that are perfect for relaxing on the patio with a light, fruity drink. If you suddenly feel like popping open a bottle of rosé as you try to (momentarily) forget about the anxiety of the times we live in, who can blame you?

Light and refreshing with the spriteliness of white wines and just a hint of the fruitiness of reds, a beautiful rosé has a delicacy and liveliness that makes it easy to pair with food. Yet it should be easy enough to drink on its own, too. If want to rosé all day (or even all weekend) without guilt or the risk of a hangover, we suggest that you go for this sparkling non-alcoholic version of rosé made by Welch’s.

Green Niagara grapes give crisp taste to this light, refreshing drink. The color is this vibrant pink, which seems to have a subliminal effect (at least on me). Sipping this charmingly rose-colored drink just makes me feel that the day is going to become so much better. 

Welch’s launched this rosé back in 2018, the year when rosé was trending as a flavor. It was everywhere. You could buy rosé gins, rosé vodkas,  even rosé ciders. There were rosé candies, rosé chocolates, rosé jams, and even rosé doughnuts like the ones below.

We are now a little more balanced in our appreciation of rosé. A favorite discovery is this bottle, which makes rosé socially acceptable to drink from morning till past midnight. Pour a glass for brunch, toast your friends during virtual happy hour, or just sip quietly alone while you take a much-needed pause from the demands of life. 

Welch’s Sparkling Rosé is now available at Waltermart, Robinsons Supermarket, and Landers. For home delivery, order online at Ace Food Service, or at the following online groceries: MetroMart, Lazmart, and WalterMart.