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THE ULTIMATE LIST: 9 Gluten-Free Products So Good You May (Almost) Forget You’ve Actually Gone Gluten Free

Bragg Liquid Aminos


Did you know that soy sauce contains gluten? If you can’t forego your favorite salty seasoning, you can use Bragg Liquid Aminos instead. This non-GMO verified liquid protein concentrate can act as a tasty substitute for soy sauce. Most people use it as a dressing on salad, added flavoring for soup, or mixed into sauces. You can drizzle this on most anything such as veggies, rice, beans, poultry, meat, etc. (If you want something closer to soy sauce, there’s tamari, a gluten-free Japanese soy sauce available in most Japanese specialty stores.)

Bragg Liquid Aminos is available in leading supermarkets


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Wholly Grain Sorghum


Going gluten free means no more wheat bread, pasta, and other wheat variants. If you’re tired of eating rice every day, why not vary it up with sorghum? This grain is typically used in Australia, Africa, Central America, and a little bit in Asia. Sorghum’s nutrition density happens to be higher than that of brown and red rice and quinoa, and it provides many health benefits. People often use it as a substitute for rice, flour, and yes, even popcorn. You can find locally-produced sorghum available as sorghum grain, sorghum flour, and popped sorghum. Available at Real Food PH, The Vegan Grocer PH and online


Bob’s Red Mill Products


For people who love to make their own baked goods from scratch, Bob’s Red Mill offers a range of non-wheat flours for your baking needs. Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and organic, they’re available as flours, protein powders, cake or cookie mixes, baking powder and baking soda. You can make your own gluten-free cakes, cookies, and bars, or even have gluten-free pancakes for breakfast, because why not? Available at any Healthy Options branches and select supermarkets


SOZO Shirataki Rice and Noodles


Shirataki are traditional Japanese noodles and rice made from the glucomannan (konjac) yam, which has been used for centuries in Japan as a thickener or gelling agent. These days, it has become a great substitute for wheat noodles and “real” rice. Best of all, shirataki is gluten-free, with zero to low carbohydrates and calories, but full of soluble fiber which can fill you up and help in digestion. Available at Real Food PH and via online.


Healthy Options Super Seed Granola


Too busy to make a healthy breakfast? Check out Healthy Options’ gluten-free granola oats, which are a good source of fiber and iron. You can create scrumptious breakfasts, whether power smoothies or granola bowls, without any gluten added. Available at any Healthy Options branches


Jertie’s Kitchen Pinoy Garlic Longganisa


Ever heard of gluten-free, vegan (not Vigan!) longganisa? Jertie’s Kitchen makes it possible using various vegetables, chickpea (besan) flour, cassava starch, coconut vinegar, and sugar. Anyone who is health conscious can savor this vegan and gluten-free longganisa that may almost make you forget the pork version, priced at ?180. Find these products at Jertie’s Kitchen partner stores like Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar, The Good Seed, Real Food PH, and The Vegan Grocer PH) or order their products online


Amores Keto Loaf Bread


Now available ?? Gluten free bread, kombucha tea, and cookies ??

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For those having a hard time giving up their carbs, Amores Keto Loaf Bread may be the answer. This loaf bread is a fantastic substitute for a regular gluten-free bread, coming pretty close to the texture and flavor of regular bread. Available at Ultra Super Green, online and via meet-up at Loyola Heights, Quezon City


The Wholesome Table’s Banana Cake


The Wholesome Table should be your go-to destination for gluten-free baked products. They make their own special gluten-free flour blend by grinding organic rice in a stone mill, then mixing in other healthy ingredients. We highly recommend their all natural, gluten-free Banana Cake, available with or without nuts, or their equally delicious Chocolate Walnut Banana Cake and Almond Berry Banana Cake. Available at any The Wholesome Table branches


Jertie’s Kitchen Matcha Cookies


For cookie monsters and matcha lovers, here’s the perfect sweet treat for you. Priced at ?165 (for how many cookies?), these gluten-free, light and soft matcha cookies from Jertie’s Kitchen are made with Japanese organic matcha, and no wheat whatsoever. Pair it with a glass of almond or hazelnut milk for the perfect snack. Find these cookies at Jertie’s Kitchen partner stores like Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar, The Good Seed, Real Food PH, and The Vegan Grocer PH) or order their products online


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