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Dial 1-800 Prime For Meat-Lovin’ And A Worthy Cause

Whether you like your Prime Rib pink and bloody or medium well, whether you want it thinly sliced or a thick juicy slab, whether you want it with all the sidings or as plain as can be—it really doesn’t matter! But the thing to remember is that come Saturday, August 18, 22 Prime at Discovery Suites, Ortigas Center, is the place to be for lunch or dinner. Their 1-800 Prime promotion is unlimited Prime Rib with Sidings, Dessert, and a glass of wine for P1,800 nett per person. 


That’s an unbelievable offer given you can head back to the carving station until your heart’s delight. And the best thing about it is a percentage of the sales that day will go to support Discovery Suites’ Waves for Water initiative with a community of Aetas in Capas, Tarlac. To help make that special offer come true on the 18th, Discovery Suites thanks Don Revy Wines and Alternative Food Corp. 


During the media event held to announce this 1-800 Prime promotion, we were treated to a sampling of the sides that would be available on the 18th. There was a shrimp bisque and salad, and the array of freshly cooked sides included mushroom ragout, asparagus and broccoli, steak rice, and a cheesy truffled potato dish. As for dessert, we were treated to an impromptu demonstration of their Tabletop display that incorporated chocolate tart, white chocolate cake, and chocolate cheesecake. 



Leeds Trompeta, GM of Discovery Suites

A short video was also presented by Discovery Suites GM Leeds Trompeta. In it, we saw their visit to the Aeta mountain village—40 minutes on an off-road dirt path, then hiking uphill for two hours to get to the village. And to see the Aeta faces full of gratitude as the water filters were demonstrated and distributed was a joy to behold. All in all, 60 houses were gifted with Waves for Water water filters that day, and it’s hoped that a new wave of money will allow for more households to be supported by the Discovery Suites program. 

So if you’re a meat lover and want quality Prime Rib, head to 22 Prime on the 18th, enjoy a great carnivore’s feast, and be contributing to a worthy cause.