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10 Things We Learned From Heart Evangelista’s Cooking Vlog With Her Dad & Sister

For Father’s Day last weekend, Heart Evangelista treated her followers to a special episode on her YouTube channel. The 34-year-old actress and socialite cooked pata tim with her dad, Reynaldo Ongpauco, and fried rice with her sister, Mich


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Here are 10 things we learned from watching Heart’s latest vlog:


1. Heart and her sisters grew up on top of a restaurant. Heart’s grandparents opened Barrio Fiesta in front of their family compound in Caloocan City. Because of that, cooking each day fostered a love and passion for food in the Ongpauco sisters, especially Mich, who went on to enroll in culinary school. 

2. Heart’s dad worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Beverly Hills called Luau, which served the rich and famous clientele in Hollywood, including the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, and Elizabeth Taylor.


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Photo: YouTube/Love Marie Escudero


3. Since Heart is not as much of a cook as her sisters and dad, she prefers to be on the other side of the kitchen counter as a host and entertainer. As we saw in one of her vlogs, she loves hosting lunch and dinner for a small group of people, and is very meticulous when it comes to setting the table.


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Photo: YouTube/Love Marie Escudero


4. In the San Jose branch of Barrio Fiesta where there were singing cooks and waiters, Reynaldo would often see his daughter Heart join in the singing. “You were always a scene-stealer,” he said.


5. Mich suggests that one should be able to master cooking either eggs or a simple pasta dish—even if that’s all you cook. Heart, who learned from her sister, can make al telefono pasta even with her eyes closed. 


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Photo: YouTube/Love Marie Escudero


6. The most important lesson in cooking, according to Heart’s dad? It’s that cooking brings families together. "Lumaki ako na si Ate Mich naglulutosi Camille, nagluluto, so ako lang po 'yung taga-kain nila so as of now, ganu'n lang din talaga ang aking role," Heart shared.


7. As a young girl in California, Heart, for some reason, once called 911. “I don’t know why I did it,” she admitted. Oh, to be a kid!


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Photo: YouTube/Love Marie Escudero


8. Heart's dad believes pata tim is best on its own. 


9. Mac and cheese from the box was the first dish Mich ever learned how to cook. 


10. Chiz Escudero, Heart’s husband, makes excellent fried rice. 




Screenshots from Love Marie Escudero on YouTube